Yet Again The Questions Are Staring At Me!

Yet another experience of heartbreaking, yet another cycle of questions and answers, yet another sitting of discussions on what went wrong!

I often hear people generally making pun around ‘what does HR really have to do? Their job is really the easiest-just recruit, hire and then do the paper work!’

Coming to actually performing the HR functions takes one through the grind of it all. No job is easy, no field is a cake walk. Every where there are challenges, there are road blocks and there are tough tasks lined up!

Especially in HR I feel the toughest job is to FIRE! Yes, telling someone that you’re not perfect, that you have some shortcomings and that we can’t afford having imperfection around! Ha, quiet opposing to the theory of life: No one’s perfect in this world, right?

Firing has always been tough for me and the heart really aches to see the other person sit on opposite you, numb and helpless! But that’s a part of my job and I can’t possibly escape it!

Every firing leaves a mark on my mind with a message. With an imprint to remember life long! This time it is “You can’t be too good to be true as an HR professional, you gotta be playing by the mind as well!”

Also, every firing session make me look back and within. How good a team lead am I? Where did I fail as an HR professional to train, retain and retrain employees?

I know in toto it is not my fault, or for that matter it is nobody’s fault, cause things happen!

But the questions remain etched in the mind and today I’m trying to yet again answer the questions! I know I’m being too idealistic thinking that there should never come a situation where HR needs to fire,ha! I must belong to a fairyland 🙂



14 thoughts on “Yet Again The Questions Are Staring At Me!

    1. Twice I tried to post a reply to you and boom 😦 anyway, was saying that even the strongest of people cry while going through these sessions and that’s what breaks the heart!

  1. This post reminded me of days when I had to be a part of these ‘Firing’ meetings as operation supervisor, although HR took up the key role there but even sitting there used to be so painful.
    Only can say what you already said…. it is a part of your job.

  2. I know it’s part of the job but doesn’t it get compensated by the faces of people you hire, specially freshers. Their happiness, dreams, aspirations all coming alive right in front of you. I can surely tell you, how at tht time HR people seems as god send :), they feel like the best friends in the new workplace :).

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