My Kitchen? Yes! Your Kitchen? Errrrrr

Last week I visited my aunt-in-law in Pune. It was a four day fun filled trip and I’m still missing the time spent there with family and friends but for one thing.

Generally as a courtesy rule when you visit someone, relative or friends, you ask if any help is needed in the kitchen.

Now aunt-in-law’s being just like our second home, I should have taken the initiative of offering any kind of help or maybe cook a dish or two. Not that she expects, it is me who expect from self.

Even at a school friend’s place, where I was invited for lunch, I just did not really know where to start helping. I stood there asking though, and ended up only talking to her and eating in luxury 🙂

Basically, I somehow don’t know how to help in anyone else’s kitchen.

I feel lost and quiet like a person who doesn’t like or know (or both) cooking. But in reality it is the reverse. I certainly love to cook and I know how to! When at home I’m a cook whom my husband loves and my mother in law is proud of because I know how to make all the Marathi food (well, almost) and I do it with compassion.

Cut to someone else’s kitchen: I tend to feel confused about what to do and when to do! I mean everyone’s kitchen is differently managed and differently operated. I know every kitchen has cooking range and spices and the necessary items but generally the organization is different, you know what I mean?

So, when at other’s place what comes out of me as person is someone who doesn’t know cooking, is not courteous enough to offer help and is a lazy bum who just does’t like to move even the little toe finger, sigh 😦

Mostly, all I can do it set the table and wipe the table 😛

What’s your story? Can you take charge of someone else’s kitchen just like that? Do you too feel awkward and lost?

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27 thoughts on “My Kitchen? Yes! Your Kitchen? Errrrrr

    1. see every point in time it gets proven that we are soul sisters 🙂 Remember when I was there at your place? I simply stood and chatted non stop whilst you did all the mehnat!!! 😛 😛

  1. so sweet of you .. to write this.. now I am happy that there is somebody who is like me..It happens exactly the same with me.. I am so confused and thinking from where to begin..& I feel everybody has a different style of cooking.. so it’s difficult.. Whenever i throw a party..I have friends who come over and helps me like anything.. But when I go to their place.. I am simply looking at things.. & wondering .. 😦
    & this happens even when I am at my in-law’s place.. But at my home, I love to cook.. But that’s a different story, that my dishes are not too good.. only eatable 🙂

  2. Remember the place where we met at I? The real reason for my not taking your calls besides the shifting were that I had to take charge of the kitchen. It was only after the veggies were cooked and things were in a semblance that I remembered to check my mobile!!!! So its like if the owner of the kitchen has no issues and guides me to the things that are needed then I am on. However when it comes to me i.e. if somebody is visitng me and offers to help in kitchen the most that I allow is help in cutting salads & laying tables!!!!

  3. Same here, Scribby…I too don’t understand what to do in someone else’s kitchen. And i don’t even feel comfortable to touch things in somebody’s kitchen without their permission. I feel more comfortable if the lady of the house assigns some work to me, and i too do the same if a guest at my home ask if she/he can be of any help….
    So if you come to my home Scribby, then don’t worry about feeling out of place in my kitchen 😉

  4. I think it’s just normal to feel lost in someone else’s kitchen. But I manage okay by giving a hand in all the background things like scrapping fruits n veggies, kneading the dough, preparing the salad, serving n stuff. But yes I do make sure how do the host want there veggies to be cut because I myself is very particular abt shapes n sizes of diff vegetables n how they are being cut.

  5. Well I get your point. I get in the kitchen of people whom I really know. For e.g I will not step into the kitchen of my FIL’s friend who we are visiting and its my frist time at their place. In case I’;ve visited couple of times and have gained certain degree of acquaintance then I would offer help.

    And even if I do not help out in cooking I help them lay the crockery and put the dishes on the table. Help with the salad as that is something which is usually left to the last in most of the places and one can’t go wrong in that 🙂

    And other things can be asking them transfer the dishes from the cooking vessels to serving bowls in case that hasn’t been done. So just simple things like that.

  6. I do not face any issues while helping out in other’s kitchen..because the only help I do is either stir whatever is there in the wok or cut the veggies :mrgreen:

  7. I’ve helped friends/family with doing the dishes in the kitchen, but never with cooking 😀 And I absolutely do not prefer that anyone take over my kitchen. Every time I have guests, I make sure I tell firmly I don’t need any help in the kitchen (that is if I’m still in the kitchen while they arrive; mostly I try to complete cooking work before guests arrive.)

    (I am talking as if I cook so often for others 😛 It has happened only a handful of times so far.)

  8. I find it tough to take charge of my own kitchen let alone someone else’s. I would be the lazy bum who would only chat and eat in the end 😀 You would get awesome compliments from me though 😀

  9. Scribby, I hardly take charge of my own Kitchen .. forget taking charge of someone else’s 😛
    But seriously like you I am always willing to help but I don’t quiet know how to. Even when people visit me and offer to help I never know what to tell them to do .. I would rather do it all myself in my own way ….

  10. Ditto!
    I can help set the table or max – make pooris!
    But, taking over someone else’s kitchen makes me uncomfortable and I really don’t like interfering!

    If someone gives me a task – I try my best to help out – thats it! 🙂

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