‘My Lawfully Wedded Husband’-Madhulika Liddle

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About the book


 Madhulika Liddle

Picture of the Author




Price [INR]




Main Plot

The book is a collection of 12 short stories. ‘My lawfully Wedded Husband’ being one of the titles.

No. of Characters


Tone of writing

Simple & Easy.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Not Really. Actually it depends to whom I have to recommend the book to. If it is someone who has recently started reading, I might as well give my nod to the book.


> It is a book which turned out to be simple, straight and light.

> Stories have twists which surprises the reader at some places, but most of the times it is average.

> A one time, to-be-read-while on journey type of a book.

> This book doesn’t throw its weight around; it is an easy read with not much hullabaloo in it.

> A total desi book and that is something which will connect the Indian readers to it.

> One can relate to the characters carved in the stories, well mostly, like Veera’s character where in his mother keeps telling him to be polite and succumbing all the time OR that of a girl  from ‘A tale of a summer vacation’ who visits her grandmother.

> If you have read other serious books or the books you would like to tag as serious writing, like not in literal terms as dark fiction or something, but in a way serious writing, you would feel this one doesn’t suit your category.

> Honestly, I was expecting a little more from what the book is yielding.

> This book is really good for starters, the new readers who have just stepped in the world of reading or the ones who don’t know where to start reading from.

> This book will also be a help when any reader is not sure which book to pick up next.

> Read it with no expectations and maybe you’ll love it.

> I’m not saying that this book is not good but I certainly don’t ‘recommend’ it per say. If you are a multiple / short story lover, then this is a perfect read for you. If you are long story lover and want some substantial reading to be done, this book would prove a wrong choice.

> This book is from the author who wrote The Muzaffar Jang Series. I’ve not yet read this series but have heard about it and by the name of it also, the series sounds intriguing.

> If you have read and liked TMJ series, you might as well like this book of Madhulika.

> All in all an ‘okay’ category book about which I would not rave but then it is my own view. You must take a look at the book before you make an opinion about it, really!

>No book is good or bad, only the suitability of the reader differs. For this one, I’m not the suitable reader, I must say that J


One thought on “‘My Lawfully Wedded Husband’-Madhulika Liddle

  1. Hi, I did read the book and I thought is was a different style as compared to her other books, I mean the Muzaffar Jang series, where Liddle has gone down in history for having created the first detective placed in a period, the Mughal period in India. My Lawfully Wedded Husband is easy to read, as you say, and humorous in many places. Dekho, for time pass and also, for checking out the difference in writing skills, it is perfect. Provided of course, if you have read the Jang series. Have you?

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