Life is moving 10x times faster for me, it seems! I have no clue where are these weeks lapping and how! First it was the annual event at the office which swallowed my time and then it was the CTO’s visit that digested every bit of tick tick in an week and finally when all is back to normal my time is being eaten away by the back log which got created in past 3 weeks 😦

Sometime these situations make me question myself on my ability to manage time! Sometimes it tells me thatΒ it is okay to lose on some time in life and gear once again to normal track. Sometimes the whole mystery of where did a month go makes me feelΒ wow I’m so very busy in life,a working woman, also taking care of home (partially) and still excelling in almost everything that I’m doing (well almost)!!!!!

So in toto this running out of time thingie has a lot of advantages too! I only get to rest on weekends, people around me are more caring because they are seeing me slog, my daughter only sees me on weekends and cuddles and snuggles a lot as if she has also realized the equation between me and her-weekend daughter mother relationship!!!! Ha!

I don’t know where am I running to, where do I want to reach with this. My boss just yesterday told me that I’m setting wrong example for my other team members of staying late and coming in early, working 10 hours straight 90% of the working days time! I realize that! I feel good somewhere that my boss too cares and understands that I must log out timely, unlike other bosses!

But what I’m trying to write here? What am I doing with my life? Work life is hectic I know but it is interestingly hectic. I’m enjoying my work. But I’m loosing on other side!

Even blogging! I’ve lost track of time when I wrote the last post, where my readers are, have I lost all of you? I was just going through some old posts (to reply to readers’s comments today) and found that Bikram was a regular one here but is not seen anywhere now a days, I don’t Tanishka, Pepper, TGND etc etc… Logically how will I see them, when I’m not writing, ha! And not reading them 😦

Either I need to analyze my time management OR I need to ……….. well what? Do I sound like one confused soul over here? This is getting crazy!

I mean things are moving fine, the home set up, the family relationships, the work life, the team management, everything is smoothly running but at the cost of my time…… 😦

P.S. Just ignore the post if you don’t understand a word, I don’t know why and what I wrote here !!!!!!!!!


20 thoughts on “Analyses

  1. Amazing you say this. I have been down with boys being sick back to back literally for the last 7 weeks. I started working in addition to my real estate and it started on day 3 it hasn’t stopped yet. I am so overwhelmed that decided to quit but my boss likes me luckily so let’s me work from home. I don’t know what to do and since Keshu was home today with me I couldn’t work, I am catchin up now. Fun fun!! Get a break and take care.

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  2. aahh…that time of life…I am currently going through somewhat same phase where I am not able to devote time to blog or myself. i just feel tired after the entire day and worse still the productivity is literally nil!!! atleast you are enjoying your work so go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™‚

  3. Slow down Scribby. To be a working mom, you MUST learn the art of logging out at 6 pm πŸ™‚ Chirpy is at a very cute phase right now, don’t miss that. These kids grow up just too fast. I feel nostalgic about my kids babyhood already.

      1. Actually Scribby, it’s ok to be behind the schedule. If you always try to meet the schedule you’ll be always hard pressed for time. Basically, you have let the manager know that you are behind the schedule and these are the reasons for it and that you need more time (new schedule). I’m not trying to criticize your work style, just telling you what works for me. Beware though, promotions will not come fast and easy.

  4. At the risk of making you feel bad, i have to say I agree with your boss. You shod not spend more than 8-9 hours at work, apart from effecting your personal life, it actually sets a wrong example, the subordinates feel undue pressure.

    And Chirpy – Home should come first post 6. I knw, being a perfectionist it must be difficult, but you will manage just fine πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry about the regulars you mentioned above, they are equally or even more busy in their lives and overall blogging less.

  5. Last year I had attended a trg program on 7 Habits of life where they stressed on the fact that we need to devote maximum time on personal work and if that is in order everything else will fall in line. Unfortunately that is the portion that we always neglect.

    I fu ask me create a balance.Log in only the hours that are needed not a min more not a min less..just squeeze everything in it and trust me you can manage!!! And once that is done it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

    But it is my Personal opinion entirely…..u know ur situation better πŸ™‚

  6. Just relax Scribby. All things fall in to place. All important things get done. What gets left behind is really which is not that important. Till you have time for Chirpy and your family and you are happy at your job, the important things are taken care of. Blogging and friends will be there when you have the time (or so I keep telling myself πŸ˜› )

    1. you’re always the right guide πŸ™‚ how do you know all rights things to say at the right time comfy???? no doubt we all call you comfy πŸ™‚ :):) hugs! miss you!

  7. I spend 10 hours at work on average too, and I HATE it, despite not having a child to come back too. Unfortunately for me, my manager ‘expects’ me to do it. There is no way I would keep something like this going once I have added responsibility.

    So yes, PLEASE SLOW DOWN. Time with Chirpy won’t ever come back. She’s my darling God child and I wish I could see her growing. Since I can’t, I give you the responsibility of documenting this phase and reporting to me πŸ˜€

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