Keep Honking, I’m Deaf!

Something that I must share :

While driving back from office yesterday night, I stopped at a red light. It was around 10 pm so not much traffic was around but still following the red light is something that is in-built in my system (though I don’t follow it to the T like Genellia did inΒ Chance Pe Dance πŸ˜‰ ).Β 

To my left there was a guy riding his activa. He too stopped just at the right moment when the light turned amber. behind him a carΒ hadΒ to stop. There were group of guys in the car, kind of in notorious mood!

Even at the red light they wanted to move, that is obvious. They started honking the car horn, loud and constant. The activa guy gave one bad look to them and then put his fingers in his ears and stood at the red light, tall and proud !!!!!

I couldn’t help but laugh at it and I literally gave a tough look myself at the car guys and then smiled at the activa guy πŸ˜‰

I’m glad that there are at leastΒ fewΒ people who know the importance of following traffic rules and saving one’s life!!!! I wish more people followed the rules and carried some patience with them while on roads!



21 thoughts on “Keep Honking, I’m Deaf!

  1. Oh that would have been fun! I always think it is cool when people respond those these kinds but I am also worried that the notorious ones might get bugged, or behave rashly with the guy for making fun of him! But I guess it’s good to see people standing up for the right things πŸ™‚

    1. You know I too get this thought but then that’s what we need to come over , cause we are right and we should be scared, however, easier said than done!

  2. Loved it!! This happened to me once too!! In the middle of the day and I was in an auto. We had stopped at a red light and there was a traffic jam already! The guy behind the auto I was in, kept honking and honking!! uff!!
    Finally, the auto driver got out and asked the guy if he was blind and stupid!! And to shut up, else he would shut everything for him!! heh!
    The guy muttered something and finally quietened down!

    I don’t understand why people honk at red lights!! Like thats going to change just because they want it to!!

  3. I don’t have a habit of using horn. I turn off my vehicle every time on signal. People are so impatient that even if our turn is going to come after two other sides they won’t stop pressing horn or even off the vehicle.

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