Crying For Trivial Reasons: Such A Waste! Looking Back-6

This is from the time when I used to commute between cities while I was in Mumbai. I was travelling in the train and had got the side upper berth.

If you generally know, the travelling rule for the upper berths is that if the journey is in the day time, upper berth passengers are allowed to sit on the lower berths and if they *themselves* want to sleep on their upper berth, in the day time, they are most welcome to do so!

So, in this trip, I got side upper berth and the side lower berth, which are usuallyย allotted to RACs, was under the name of a couple. The journey began at 4 pm. A very much day time when I’m not supposed to climb up the upper berth and go to sleep or whatever!

This couple had lower berth and in top of that a RAC reservation. I was sitting on one side of the side lower berth and both of them were sitting on the rest of the berth. After a while, they wanted to spread their legs, which is natural cause sitting in one position and that too 3 on side berth is not comfortable for anyone.

The conversation thus begun:

Husband: Can you please go to your berth?

Me: But I don’t want to sleep right now.

Husband: So that’s not my problem. This is our seat.

Me: I agree *a part* of this berth belongs to you and that’s why I’m occupying only one part.

Wife: No but because of you we are not comfortable, we need space to sit.

Me: One of you can sit on the other lower berth, which is any wayย vacant.

Husband: Why the hell should we shift, you must because this is our seat.

Me: Your ticket is RAC, the whole berth is not yours and not even reserved!

Husband: Let me call T.C.!!!!

Me: Please go ahead!

I might have sounded firm and strong in the entire conversation but in reality I was not even a bit of it ! I was terrified, shattered and felt terribly lonely. I would not have argued at all if the couple would have simply said that “can you please shift to other lower berth?”. Which I would have entertained easily but the way they started talking to me and the pitch of their voice, it put me off because I was taking the right stance!

However, after this whole conversation I went to the loo and cried buckets ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t stand loud voice, fights, arguments and unpleasant conversations. I’m not a fighters types, I accept that!

What I learnt from the entire episode? This:

If you’ve taken a stance and you believe in it, stick to it!

-There is nothing called high voice/low voice, all that matters is the intention of the person who is speaking to you!

-If you can’t handle things, don’t get into them. And if you get into them, learn handling it all!!!

Looking back, all I feel hurt about is, I cried! Like a kid I cried for nothing and that’s what I feel embarrassed about. I need to become strong, for my own self and for my daughter now. What will I teach her if I cry like this in front of her for tiny things in life? There are so many shitty things that keep happening in life, what about them then?

I mustn’t waste my tears on things like these, there are better things available to shed the tears!!!!

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20 thoughts on “Crying For Trivial Reasons: Such A Waste! Looking Back-6

  1. If this had an impact on you which was strong enough to make you cry, then it is NOT a trivial reason. What matters is that you take back a lesson from it.


  2. this is one thing I think I will never outgrow though i desperately want to.. I feel the same “crying in front of our kids for petty things”.. I feel ashamed to accept that I have done it many times ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wish I could control the tears that are ready to show up any moment..

  3. Oh I think we all cry like a baby at such things. But I feel sometimes it does us good, to be weak and get all the pent up emotions out. Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚
    On the flip side, I used to love the side upper berth. Should write about that at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah sometimes crying works well ๐Ÿ™‚ And SUB? oh I too love it and whenever I’m travelling alone in train (which nowadays is seldom ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) I prefer booking the SUB….but I also love sitting by the window in the day time ;)……anyhooo waiting for your post!

  4. I can so relate to it. I am a total cry baby myself, no body can match me in that. And I have so many similar instances where even after making and sticking to my stand, I ended up shedding tears, and regret only about that. Not the people, the situation or anything but the unnecessary tears I shed. Someone told me that don’t cry to a level that loses its value. And I have seen that happening and I know how true is that, working upon me, trying to improve. But have you ever noticed, how people have started being unnecessary rude these days ?

  5. Reminds me of time when I was in the same situation. Two RAC passengers and I had reserved SU. But they were two men and it made me uncomfortable to be in such close vicinity to them. It was an entire day’s journey which I did sitting on my UB. Huh… those were the days … when I was trying to prove myself independent ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, if I have to travel alone I ensure it is flights only :), else husband is by the side. Not a great message for feminists. But well yeah, in this country it just helps to have a man by your side when travelling alone in crowded public transport

    1. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, but generally whatever I want to do in certain situations I’m unable to execute ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oh wait, so did I cry because of that? !!!!!

  6. You remind me of myself scribby. Most of the times I take a stand too, but end up crying later, because I had to shout/yell or behave the way I did. I dont feel guilty that I did, only that I was in such situation. I think I am going to follow your advise here. Although I am inclined towards refraining from taking a stand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. I totally get it… they say tears are a sign of overflow of emotions- that emotion can be anger and frustration too.
    I also remember crying when my boss used to scream at me- i can’t stand loud voice.

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