Just How To Stop ?

I’ve shunned the newspapers, websites which provide the details of the henious acts taking place in the world. The world is coming to an end, remember this is what was predicted last year?

Coming to an end meant “this” end, in terms of humanity & sensibility! I’m not sure how I’m going to protect my child. How will I ensure she is safe whenever she steps out of the house.

Reading about these incidents I feel enraged, I feel that without waiting for any judgement or any “justice” we should simply put the criminal on fire, burn him alive, let him feel the burns, the pain that one goes through when one is hurt physically & mentally.

5 year old? Are you kidding me? Just what do you get out of that tiny little body? You are sick in your mind, you are sick in your soul. You don’t deserve to live at all. Yes, I’m sure of what I’m saying, I’m talking about a murder, I would love to kill you by my own hands and why not!

But even after getting angry and writing such posts, what remains is a question in mind: “What is the solution to stop all this nonsense?”

Just how would we ensure such things don’t show their ugly face ever againg? That all our children and us women are safe? All we talk about is what to do when things have already happened which pretty much boils down to punishing the criminal. But the damage has been done and the soul has been tarnished. There would be lot of healing required at so many levels… that is a new chapter in itself…. I can’t even imagine of!

But how to stop before it happens? Just how?


13 thoughts on “Just How To Stop ?

  1. I just shudder at the mere thought of the incident, no words come to my mind for those li’l souls who faced the trauma. You almost echoed my thoughts, seriously, I feel like chopping those creeps. They are sick people who have no right to live in society, should be chained in mental asylums.
    I also feel more helpless when I try to think about the solution. Stringent law, police, won’t help much. Don’t know how to stop these atrocities. 😦

  2. What is more terrifying is that this is not so uncommon. Look for Dr Sunitha Krishnan’s talk on sex slavery on TED. Spine chilling. Kids as small as 2 -3 year old are raped, sold for prostitution. All over the world, in our very own country, in our very own city. There are sick perverts all around us.

  3. that barbarian doesn’t deserve even hell… he will be ripped apart if he gets into the hands of parents especially mothers with daughter who can closely relate to the incident and consider the 5 yr old as her own child.. its sends chills down my spine every time I remember about the little girl and her parents.. May God give them all strength that they need now…

  4. This saturday when we were travelling there was this 4 year old girl sitting in our coach. When I saw her all I could think was that will we have to tell her that she needs to pull down her dress and sit properly? Yes, she was too young to think about these things but then the world is bad no!!!!

    Seriously, I am glad that I don’t have a girl child otherwise I would end up worrying all the time.

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