The Journey!

Finally something is going to happen which I have never thought of or done before.

Finally I’m going on that path which has never been crafted for me.

Finally the day has come when I’ll begin the journey to reach the hills and know the devils 😉 *just to match the rhyme 🙂 *

So, most of you might be knowing this already maybe but hear it out again from me: I’m going on a beeeg bloggers’ trip to hills! We are in totality 14 people and what fun we are going to have, you can not even imagine *evil smile*

All credits to our very own Hitchy!!!! Right from planning to bringing people together to coordinating for dates, to bookings to maintaining those 100+ chain mails.. he has been the hero of it all 🙂

So watch this space for the details!!


21 thoughts on “The Journey!

    1. No the earlier plan got stalled 😦 that is sometime later now… this is a fresh plan and yes I’ll be going/coming via Delhi 🙂

  1. And you cannot even imagine how jealous I am right now…oh the fun you all are going to have!! At the same time I am also so very excited to know about your trip in detail! Have fun Scribby and take loads of pictures to share

    Have a safe and a pleasant trip to the hills 🙂

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