Life’s Like That?

Past few weeks I’ve been aching to write some thoughts that came to my mind, just generally. Some related to what was happening and some totally random ones.

I wanted to write in detail about these, to come back to them in future and feel them again, but couldn’t!

“There is a different something in hospital air. You don’t want to breath it, you don’t want to smell.

You watch people in pain, you watch people in tears, you watch people celebrate the recovery of their loved ones.”

There is life born and there is life ended. The entire life span can be seen at one place.

Hospitals are places where you ย dread to go, yet these are the places which bring new happiness to you life….”

“Crossing the line: Just when do you know where to draw the line and when not to cross it?”

“Every person has a particular life style and a family type. We need not compare it with our own and let others be! This is where the concept comes in ‘Live n Let Live’… cliched but very true!”

“Too close is too bad!!! Being bestest friends is a cliche, only in movie and books. You are your own best friend!!!”

Does this happen to you? That random thoughts come to mind and you kind of term them as “life’s essence” or ‘learning’ or something like that?



9 thoughts on “Life’s Like That?

  1. “Hospitals are places where you dread to go, yet these are the places which bring new happiness to you lifeโ€ฆ.โ€ Completely agree… I work in a Hospital and hold same feeling for my workplace…

    “You are your own Best Friend” very thoughtful.. reading this, I looked at myself and paused for a moment and thought “Am I My Best Friend Or even a Friend???” Answer came in the form of a silence!

    Thanks Scribby for some food for thought!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, sometimes some random thoughts really leave you with enough food for thought and sometimes they are really life changing thoughts.. it happens.. yes i happens with me too Scribby!!

    A nice post indeed!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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