The Revision Theory!

Dear Mind,

I know you are the sharpest part of the body and you control things around in here. I know you’re the boss and entire bunch of organs pretty much owe it to you, thanks for that, no really!

I’m happy that you are still young and rocking and I totally count on you for every tiny thing that I do in my life, to help me remember things, to offer me the common sense when required and to always pad me up, when I’m in trouble, with the dash of presence of mind! Touchwood for all your support 🙂

Just one thing that I wan’t you to note that please be kind and not revise all the hurtful things that happened to us. Can we just let those things be? Maybe let them lie in the back of your corner, somewhere. I don’t wan’t you to delete them, I know you cannot, cause apparently God forgot to install a ‘delete’ button in you, I totally understand your misery about that. But can we please lose somethings, like I do sometimes, you know, lose things like a key chain or a clutch or anything.

I would love to see you loosen up your grip, don’t be too hard on memories, we’re talking the bad ones here. I know things happen, they go wrong in life, relationships break and people go separate ways, dreams crash and plans fail. But we still live and find new happiness, leaving the bad moments behind. But when you pull them out from the back seat and bring them forth, that’s when the trouble starts. I’m taken back to that very moment and then, you know how it is, don’t you?

All that analysis of who and what went wrong, of why friends are not friends anymore, of why certain things did not happen the way I wanted them to be and etc. etc.

So, all I’m saying here is I wan’t you to stop revising things from the past. I want you to stay calm and happy and look forward in the future. You know in this revision process your bestie, heart, also feels hurt, every single time your revise! Maybe the heart is too soft to say it upfront to you, but it wants you to cut down on this revision theory! It wants to be happy and fluttering 🙂

Will accept this application of ours? I’m hopeful that you’ll 🙂


Heart & Me !



10 thoughts on “The Revision Theory!

  1. Can I change it to, Dear Mind: Please train yourself to not hurt so much when you do bring out those memories. Also please stop sending those hurt signals to the heart.

    Thank you much!

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