Raat Ke Humsafar Thak Ke Ghar Ko Chale……

Yeah just like this song, lot of thoughts come to my mind when I’m driving back home from office, mostly around 9 / 9.30 pm.

If you have lived in a comparatively smaller city than metros, you would have an idea that around this time the traffic runs low on the streets and mostly you would find empty roads; which in a way is an advantage to start off late from office, it cuts down the travel time by good 15-20 mins.

So, every day when I’m driving to the office there are multiple thoughts that run through my mind; the songs are on, sometimes I sing along sometimes I completely miss what song was running on the FM. Mostly, in the morning it is work related thoughts that run constantly and I feel the thoughts are having race with each other to let me acknowledge them.. sometimes I’m amazed with the number of thoughts I can take at one go, I feel happy about self and the very next moment I feel that I’ve maybe not properly managed my tasks which result in so many remnants every morning!

Unlike mornings, while driving back home I’ve different thoughts, mostly from work but the nature of them is majorly analysis. What I did today, what my team did and what should have been done a little differently maybe…you know postmortem-ish!

Also, while driving back I’m concerned with the time. I have to reach home before Chirpy goes to bed which is around 9. I try to leave at most by 8.15 so that I’m there to say her good night at least if not spend time with her or read her a story. That, is done by her loving father of course !

Some annoying things that happen with me too, like, people who are generally cruising around in the night and they still drive in the middle of the road. I’m not a honker types but I can’t tolerate if unnecessarily someone is driving at a speed of 20 because he/she is not in rush or looking for an address. It is expected that in such cases you drive to the left and let the others go by, reach home and meeting their children / family.

Otherwise, I have a pretty cool drive every day and I enjoy my fav music. I’m with myself, my thoughts and I love this me time of the day, the only alone time of the day that is!

How does your commute go by?

16 thoughts on “Safar…

  1. In the company bus, it is slightly more than an hour. I enjoy sleeping in the bus, with the window open and the breeze blowing in my face. It sends me right off if I haven’t had a long sleep in the night before (which happens often). I try to start with a book or music, but most of the times I just fall off to sleep.

    1. yeah In Mumbai I can imagine šŸ™‚ well leaving office that late is coming down slowly but can’t be ruled out totally since my boss operates from the US… also I’ve managed by going in late around 11.30, so either ways I’m spending time with Chirpy šŸ™‚

  2. My mind is always engaged while driving mostly work related and sometime personal tasks to complete etc etc. Recently I crossed a red light and I sensed it only after I crossed. I must have been lucky that time that I didn’t get into an accident. Now I am afraid if I the ticket is on my way.

  3. i drive.. but all the time i am conscious as i am a new driver.. šŸ™‚ and drive on NH road. i am back home by 6.. its take 30 min for me to reach home..

  4. I just take in the sights and sounds of whatever is in my way, during my walk back from the bus stand šŸ™‚ In the bus I try not to get squished and keeping myself alive šŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah NCR I can imagine, thankfully I never opted for a relocating there nor such a situation arrived… I did my summer internship during my MBA and those 3 months were, urgh!

  5. Although I work from home these days, I worked in places like NCR,Chennai and Bangalore. So you can imagine the traffic woes! Half your time is spent on cursing the fellow drivers :P..Except in NCR where empty roads can be scary.

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