Bas Yuhi….

^Swimming under the wide cloudy sky, rains kissing you on your forehead and the breeze touching you all over…. marvelous!

^Your child grows up every single day, the feeling of baby-ness, tiny-ness fades away…. truth!

^Life comes a full circle…. realization!

^Friendship is myth… thought!

^I want to be a writer…. decision!

^Soft, mild winters are in…. cozy-ness!

^Tugging in with daughter in her tiny blanket….. bliss!

^Life is what we want to it to be….. belief!

^I’m going to be healthy and get back to my original self….. mission!

^Husby is without doubt the only best friend…. love!

^Missed writing here…. attachment!

^People say chirpy looks like me, well, most people….. pride!

^I need to organize my time a little more…. planning!

^Reading has taken a back seat yet again…. guilt!

^Life is good, things falling place on their own…. touch-wood!

^Got back to driving car, learnt to swim, I to self: next is what… achievements!




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