If someone was to ask me a synonym of Parenting, I’d say SKILLS!

A skill that sometimes kills but is the perfect pill (medicine) for all problems of us grown-ups!

*A lame attempt at creating pun, I know :P*


^lets you be a child, all over again!

^is a formal way of unlearning and relearning the concepts!

^is deep diving into mush, hugs, kisses and cuddles!

^is an eligibility certificate for enrolling into how-to-be-patient classes.

^a realization of what your parents did all these years to make you what you are today aka knowing the meaning of papad belna (pun intended)

^is a report card of your own self!

^is a relaxing exercise at the end of that tiring day where you are carrying all the weight of the world!

^is smiles, cheer, laughter and more smiles!

^is milestones, charts, vaccinations and growth!

^is re-living your past!

^is pondering… about everything that concerns your child!

^is worrying, a tug in the heart, confusions, conceptual debates, mind boggling experiences and a non-stop roller coaster ride!!!!



10 thoughts on “Parenting

  1. The pun was fun.
    ^is an eligibility certificate for enrolling into how-to-be-patient classes.–> I’ve been in the class for 6 years now and have been failing consistently!!!

  2. Very true…I hope all the hugs, smiles, cuddles, kisses from the little one compensates for everything else in the world !!! Hugs Scribs…love to both of you 🙂

  3. We are two sisters with a very narrow age gap, and even though we are about to finish college..we still fight like we are 5. I have no idea how my parents, especially my mom still has that patience to deal with us 😐

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