Up and Down

>I cleared my 1st year Psychology exams 🙂

>Reading is not happening, at all 😦

>Ganpati Bappa comes home today 🙂

>Work life balance is still not achieved 😦

>I’m an official writer at an HR website, this is serious and huge 🙂

>Swimming class was missed for 2 weeks in a row 😦

>Chirpy is a chatterbox, just like me 🙂

>Husby has got a hectic schedule too, weekends inclusive; we only meet at dinner 😦

>This is my b’day month 🙂

>This blog had cobwebs, I just cleaned them 😦

>Some positive energy is residing within, don’t know the source though 🙂

Life is full of ups and downs, We all talk about this all the time, but in reality when you jot down the status of your life, you find it to be true. I have so many things to crib about and at the same time so many other to feel elated. That’s the way of life, it is balanced and we need to find the balance on our own.

As I grow older mature with each passing b’day, I realize there is so much to life. There is so much to do and feels like the journey has just begun. I feel lighter by thinking about the things I’m yet to do and yet to experience, all this makes me feel I’m going to live longer ;).

With so many downs currently in life, which might be minuscule for others, I’m still hopeful for tomorrow. Maybe this is because today Ganesha has come home? His presence turns around things. But you know what, we say God is everywhere , in everything but still we need to see him in our home to feel blessed and happy, is it all psychological? The idol presence, the festive atmosphere and the happy faces around creates that platform for us too to feel happy for life? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. Yes darling, its all psychological…you should know it better – a budding Master in psychology 😀 I too feel low sometime (actually many a times) and suddenly there is some spiritual fever and you just seem to be feeling better !!! Hugs my dear friend…get one more hug from the darling C to make you feel better…I am happy she is a chatter box, as that will clear your head totally 😀
    WTG, HR writer 🙂

  2. Goodness. As if work and kid were not enough!!! You are a super woman Scribby. Congrats!!! Can you tell me why am I stressed out with doing less than half of what you do?

  3. Congrats for the exam and for the website thingie!!! DO share some Ganesha images na 🙂

    And good times and bad times go 2gether and nothing lasts forever so chin up all will be fine soon 🙂

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