Game Plan

Life is moving with a speed, what’s new in that, ha! I’ve a very flashy and fab life, something commented a few days back and seems like it is, no doubt about it. I’ve a great job that pays well, I’ve a designation that anyone would want to reach at in HR career, I’ve a loving, well earning, intelligent husband and a great father to my child, a fabulous no fuss 2.5 year old who is quiet adaptable and has no complains to her mother’s busy schedule, a mother in law who is standing as rock behind me in whatever I choose to do!!! I’m a official professional writer, attending India level conferences, traveling through skies and earning my 2nd PG degree… all in one in this life… What else do I want for in life? Has anything really left out?

Impressive right? Yes! But within my heart, I’m somewhere not happy with all this. All this as in the professional part. I’ve got a good job, I admit but this is not what I want to do now. I think this is called growing up that you realize at some point of time that you are made for something different in life.

I fancy working at place which is something likeΒ Mumbai Beat in “wake up sid”. Or some place where there is space for creativity, space for freedom and value of your time spent. I want to end up my day spending some time with my daughter and doing things i like to do.

For a moment I thought this is all an illusion and I’m running behind a dream which is not a real one and can only be seen happening in novels or fancy movie. But then I paused, I thought let’s jot down what is that I really want from life and this is what I got:

-I want to be a trainer, behavioral skills trainer, in long run.

-I want to be my own boss.

-I want to have office on the go.

-I want to give prime importance to my child and family.

-I want to do creative jobs like writing, photography and trekking.

Come to think of it, the above list is not that unreal, do you think? I think all this is kind of possible but I will have to make way towards achieving this. I’ve to plan my career path according to my wishlist and get there.

I’ve a plan at hand, all I need to do is follow it to the T. I’ve worked hard in my life to reach where I’m and I need to push myself a little more to get what I want. Good news is I’m not very far from the final destination, I’m starting at the right time, all I’ve to make sure is to stick to the plan and not get deviated on emotions and whims and fancies, which is very likely in my case, sigh!

I’ve got to work hard…I’ve got to stick to it,…I’ve got to do it!

Are you happy in what you’re doing? Are you at your dream job/career? Have you ever wondered changing it to something else than the present one? Do Share!


11 thoughts on “Game Plan

  1. OK, I am not even sure if i am happy or not. long run i want to become an illustrator. teach kids with my sketches . be part of every childs happiness. right now, i am struck to secure 9-6 job. want to focus more on my daughter, but i get exhausted. just feel more confused than anything else. :(.

    1. wow that’s a cool ambition, an illustrator πŸ™‚ I can relate to what you’ve said above… the job is taking my time and I feel guilty to do that to Chirpy 😦

  2. I am not happy with what I am doing but unlike you I don’t have that drive to go get what I want!

    Good Luck to you πŸ™‚

    Go CHase & live ur dream

    1. Ditto with your thoughts, read your post few seconds back and me and Husby think on the same lines, we might not be called as ambitious but that’s okay.. we don’t want to be distant from our child πŸ™‚

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