Dear Chirpy-Your New Life!

Sweetipie, I know mamma has not written to you since long, the longest break I guess. Though I keep making mental notes of what you said and what you did new or first time and I sometime feel writing it all will make it all very mechanical so I cherish it in my heart! But actually writing it all here would not only make me Β happy to read it later down the years, it will bring alive your childhood for you also πŸ™‚

I might have sounded Β a little confused here above, doesn’t matter. By now you sure know your mother, don’t you? πŸ™‚ This reminds me, I’ve never seen you confused Chirpy, how do you manage to stay focused on what you want and what you don’t?

You’ve taken that perfection-to-the-T attitude from me, I feel proud and sometimes I’m worried because being perfectionist raises bars of self expectations and I don’t want you to raise that bar too much for yourself in future, it becomes saddening sometimes!

Intelligence, I guess you’ve taken from the right source, and that is your Deda! He is your prime source of knowledge and focus. You take after him in this field, I can say without a doubt πŸ™‚ *thank god my prayers are answered*

A week before Diwali, we enrolled you in the play group. I tried to push this moment for long, tried to kind of keep you at home, feeling that this will keep you protected and away from the big bad world out there. But I could not have been selfish for long time. You deserved seeing the world, making friends, living the life every kid does and opening your wings!

And open your wings you did! The very first day of the school, you shocked the Principal. She was all the while counselling me about how you would cry for first few days and how that’s normal for every kid to feel separated etc etc. The moment all the formalities were over, you were taken inside by your teacher and not for a single time did you look back at me. You simply walked with the teacher saying a loud “I’m going Mamma, will be back soon, okay?”

Honestly, it didn’t surprise me much since I’ve got a hang of your nature, you’re kind of extrovert and you are social aka you’re like me πŸ˜‰ So, the teacher took you in and the Principal gave me a surprised look!!! Since that day, there is no looking back, you struggle to get release of my hold the moment I take you out of the car at school gate… now 3 weeks down the line you don’t want me to even go inside the school gate, because you are independent, strong and fearless…your walk screams this πŸ™‚ and you want to go inside all by yourself!!! But at the same time you want only me to pick you up from school, you reconfirm that while we are on the way “you’llΒ pick me, hai na?”Β . You want to tell me stories of what happened in school in those 3 hours and tell you what I’m so so glad I’m able to be around for you at that time πŸ™‚ thanks to my workplace flexi timings!

The other day when I asked you what did you do today, you replied “aaj teacher ne data” and I sort of knew what was coming. I asked “oh why?” to which you very casually said “Teacher asked to sit at one place, main masti kar rahi thi” !!!!!

And and and, yes Chirpy your mother had anticipated this as well… all she could react to herself isΒ this is just the beginning !!!!

Chirpy, I’m glad you’re liking your new life. The new world that you’re exposed to. I want you to be you, learn, laugh, play and stay happy in whatever you do. This is the beginning of a bigger picture in life and in your journey me & your Deda will always be there, however possibly we can, to hold you tight and to show you the light!

Chirpy, you’re the love of my life, I can’t say it enough, I can’t say it right enough!




10 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-Your New Life!

  1. Waaaaaatttt!!!! She started school already? NOOOOOOO!!!! She is still my little girls, how can she be old enough to go to school?
    But but but she is still the same cute, confident sweetheart she was!

    Dear Chirpy,
    I am sorry, I have been away for so long and your mom does not write as often but I still think about you all the time and wish you only the very best.
    Loads of love little one.

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