Return of Sanity

No, this is no forthcoming sequel or a prequel (well, ‘returns’ can’t be a prequel, can it?). This is me, Scribby talking about her sanity returning back to her and how!

How would you feel when you would realize the fact that you’ve not read a book in 1 whole year? NO BOOK AT ALL? Feeling astonished, sad, insane for yourself? I felt just the same and more. I felt I’ve stopped being what I used to be, the earlier me and all that symptoms, you know what I mean?

That said, if I love reading so much, how could I not read a single book in 12 months? Not digestible, is it? I agree with you, so much so that, I questioned my love for reading, my ability of prioritizing things in my life and my intelligence to make right choices! I discussed with friends, most of them said it is okay and it happens. My inner self felt better by these coming from friends, feeling I’m not doing something very wrong that I felt I was doing, you get me?

Again, that said (I know I’ve been using “that said” frequently, but I like it!) I stopped questioning my intentions and love for reading and picked a book. JUST PICKED IT UP!!! No thinking no sulking, just started reading and voila! I read a book in a week’s time and this with the same job, same super active toddler in tow, same husband and same deadlines! I did finish a book in a week’s time and that’s what matters to me today!

I realized, (as if this is a major find of the century in mankind, huh!) that instead of sulking and mulling over something it is better to just get going, it works, it really does!

The best part was, even when I was not reading, it didn’t help me refrain from buying books, sigh! That madness remains, buying books, feeling superb about it and touching those fresh pages of the books that must have been printed in some city by some man who does this for earning and maybe has no intention to pause and see what he is doing for so many readers out there!

If at all anyone is reading me on this page, I mean if I still have some readers left that is, I’ve posted a book review on my book reviews blog. The below link will take you there, so go click 🙂

Latest Book Review : March 2014


12 thoughts on “Return of Sanity

  1. Always around!

    And I know how you feel, only I am worse, it’s been 2 years, since Zo was born actually that I have hardly read 😦 Not stopped, but hardly! like 3-4 books a year. pathetic!

    Still to fix it Nu. Though I did finish a book in 3 days flat like the good old days last week and am almost through the second. It is all about picking it up!

    In my case however, I totally stopped buying. It was a punishment for nor reading. Which was also the reason for the reading last week. I told myself I could buy all I want PROVIDED I finished 3 particular books. And now, I am almost done with 2! Phew!

    But why are you missing from here?

    1. yeah it is just about picking it up 🙂 and feels good you’re there with me fellow mommy *hugs*

      this one thing I can’t bring myself to do : stop buying 😦

      time mis-management I can say 😦 not left with any time to do writing 😦 😦

  2. I had been through that phase, when I had not read a book in close to 2 years and that too when I wasn’t married and didn’t have many responsibilities. I always wondered what the hell was wrong with me and how do I rectify it etc.. Nothing worked.

    But then suddenly sometime last year, just like you I picked up a book and started reading. It was all perfectly fine and I felt good again! Now I am on a roll. 😉 You’ll be great too, back with all the books soon..

    1. yeah looong time 🙂 how are you doing? I had created this book reviews blog last year and since then no reading happened 😛 but I’m getting in the groove now, fingers crossed 🙂 did you check the blog?

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