Woh 9 din!

What do you do when you get a 9 long days break from work? From that same old routine?

For me, this (temp) transition from being a manager to only being a mom, a wife and one own self is not only refreshing but a welcome break that I was looking forward to for so long!

No, we are not taking any vacation anywhere(BTW, thanks to Husby’s work schedule, huh 😦 ). I just wanted to en-cash my time with my daughter and my own self. I want to read, shop, laze around and play with Chirpy. I want to cook for husband and I want to just do nothing at the strike of the clock 🙂

This Holi and Rangpanchmi holidays are so strategically placed between two weekends that I could not resist but take 3 days leave to make it a 9 long days break 🙂

And today is just 4th day of those 9 days… I dropped Chirpy to school in the morning, went to a coffee shop, bought myself a nice frappe and read some blogs…went to the book store did some insane shopping and went back to pick up Chirpy at school 🙂 Life looks beautiful, is making sense again and I feel alive!

I know this routine today is making me happy and right now at this moment am wanting to make this as my permanent life, but the moment I jump out of my work-a-wagon I’ll be bored to death to not have a routine in place and just eating, and dropping-picking Chirpy from school and just being a mom would not help me as an individual, yeah I’m a confused soul, in that sense,on earth!

Anyway, returning to my happy happy post 🙂 I’ve got 3 books in my (overflowing) kitty and I sure want to share the titles with you here… I mostly buy books based on my gut, the author and last but not the least appealing cover… tell me what you think of these book covers here?

So in these 9 days I’m going to go crazy being lazy 🙂 What’d you do if you get a beeg break like this with no particular thing to do on your list? How would you utilize your 9 days? C’mon tell me tell me 🙂


11 thoughts on “Woh 9 din!

  1. What I would do? I would sleep in. I love sleeping in. I am such a sloth. Reading would be on the list too. And oh, eating good food. Not cooking, just eating. Basically, I will do everything that requires no movement. Just leisure. I am a lazy bum 😀

    1. oh sleeping in is my fav too but of late my sleeping has gone down, don’t know why but I prefer doing things that are pending/I should have done since long rather than sleeping when I have time 🙂

  2. A very well deserved break, I am sure. Once in a while, we need time to recharge our batteries. What’s a better way than cuddling up with a book in the afternoon with a packet of crisps and the sun shining gloriously outside? Err…I got carried away. 😀

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