Itna Maza Kyo Aa Raha Hai…

Well, well, this is exactly what I felt the other day..errr night and this song was constantly on my mind… “itna maza kyo aa raha hai, tune hawa mein bhaang milaya…”Β 

Now what’s the connection with my post and this song and me feeling good and the bhaang? See, I said it! It is THE bhaang that I’m pointing my finger at! You get me?

For a totally 100% teetotaller person (that is Hubsy, and not me πŸ˜‰ ) asking for bringing inΒ bhaangΒ this Holi because something inside me was shouting loudly to haveΒ bhaang and see how it tastes/looks like/does what, was a little tough and I had to be very strategic!

I spread the game, placed the pawns and picked the first move and lo! In the first move itself Hubsy gave in (well, we’ll think like that!). He agreed and said “okay, in the evening!” and I was like “are you sure?” almost sounding like he was the one asking for it and not me πŸ™‚

So, coming to the evening, I did not bring this up for the sake of not appearing desperate (all modest etc, you know) and also to check if the mr. forgetful remembers his loves’ wish for the day πŸ˜‰ (ya, you calling me evil wife?)

Husby calls his expert friend, who certainly is not a teetotaller, for the right (read: safe) place to get it. And once the info was collected, off we were on our way to madness!

I drank entire glass of that sweetened milk just for that little tablet which is supposedly taken like this, mixed with the milk or many people take it with beetle leaf also (just got hold of this GK!), otherwise me & milk, are little cross with each other normally, since ages!

We came home, all healthy and hearty. I mean I was all normal, Husby didn’t drink, of course! I kept on asking him that did he really put that tab in or was it all a drama, b/c I was not at all feeling anything happening inside me, my head anywhere! An hour passed by and I was the same old Scribby with no change at all, sad! I accused Hubsy of just making fool of me by giving me just the sweetened milk! He time and again said he did add one tab, but since I must have said this to him like for 100 times in that 1 hour, he finally gave up on convincing me and said go get 4 tabs tomorrow on your own, huh!

All this while, we were at home, around MIL and Chirpy and things were normal. Slowly, I realised I’d started laughing… for nothing. I felt lighter in the head and a little shaky in the legs! No I didn’t feel totally lost of something, but I did feel something’s happening inside me, you know that feeling of ‘world being the coolest place, life’s rocking and I’m the super star here’ types? I felt great, merry and giddy πŸ˜› . I was saying the same thing couple of times to ensure I actually said them not talked to myself in my head. I also experienced a little time lapse and felt like was I was rocking 5 minutes ahead and 5 minutes back of the current time. I also felt I was forgetting what I just spoke of and then when I said something I felt I’ve already said it…. aaah… do you know what I want to say here? πŸ™‚

So the whole point is finally, so finally, it had kicked in, though with just 1 tab you don’t get a high high but it is decent enough to make your realize that you’reΒ bhaang-ed !!!!

Husby enjoyed my drama, laughter attack and slipping of time which was really funny! He teased me the next day morning too and we laughed out on that. This Holi will remain special for me, for obvio reasons πŸ˜‰

How was your Holi? Did you play colors? Have you beenΒ bhaanged anytime? What was your experience?


11 thoughts on “Itna Maza Kyo Aa Raha Hai…

    1. lol Smita, no videos re, I wish Husby had recorded one, it would have been fun to watch πŸ™‚

      now this can be a reason to get bhaanged yet again πŸ˜‰

  1. I have had bhaang without knowing what it really was. My mom did too. They were serving it in our building complex alongside the rain dance. This was a few years ago. I thought it was the regular thandai – so we had about 4 glasses each.

    I didn’t have the kind of awesome experience you did 😦 Suddenly it kicked me, the sun seemed too bright. I couldn’t stand light. I had a monster headache. The buildings seemed to be a part of a merry go round. I came back and just slept, massaging my aching temples.

    However, your post made me want to try it once again πŸ˜€ Maybe next year.

    1. whoa 4 glasses each is certainly a major bhaanged case πŸ™‚ merry go rounds and all that… I had such experience with Rum experiment, it seems very funny now… I’ll write about it someday πŸ™‚

      I think 1 tab did good, you can enjoy the bhaanged effect and still be sober πŸ˜‰

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