But the Million Dollar Kestion Is….

So we’ve arrived to the stage where there are certain “logical” questions that are constantly thrown to which the mother and the father drop their jaws first and then scratch their brains, think a little more, look at each other, oh pick their jaws back and get ready to deal with it!

And let me tell you Β these questions ARE TO BE ANSWERED anyhow! You’ve to do that logical reasoning and debating if required, which is most of the times!

These questions vary from little shock to greater shock intensity. Sometimes these tickle your funny bones to no bounds and rest of the times they appear like they were intentionally created to tease you!

So among the long array of firing that is done every day and trust me it is every single day, the million dollar one has arrived….

“why do some of my friends stand and pee and you make me sit and do it???”





14 thoughts on “But the Million Dollar Kestion Is….

C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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