Excited Like A Child, I’m!

Things do fall in place, don’t they? You know when someone around me is not happy or feeling low I tend to fall short of words to console and tell the person that should be told at that time. All I end up saying is ‘all will be well and things will fall in place’.

But I often wonder do things really fall in place, on their own? And when things take turn in my own life, I realize that yes, someone up there is appointed to craft your destiny and is constantly steering your life left and right wherever required on the road of your life! *thoda philosophical ho gaya na?*

All I’m saying is I feel it is true that let sometime go by and keep doing your stuff, all that is required to reach wherever you intend to, and thingsΒ will fall in place.

All this while, remember I was cribbing that even after life being good with a job that I love and people that are dear to me at work, I still didn’t have time to read books or even the professional stuff? I cribbed and cribbed and never maybe found the solution. But today is the day when my days are cool with all the time that I want in my life for my own self and for whatever I want to make out of that.

Nowadays I get a whole of 3 hours for self, in the morning. I drop Chirpy at school at 8.30 and come back home and read, write and sometimes take a short nap too ;). Pick her up from school, drop her at home and then off to office. Though having time in the morning doesn’t helpΒ my long hours at office but I’m happy, in someway I’m having time at hand and that’s what matters right now.

So, yes things do fall in place and I’m glad they did. I know all this was anyway going to happen when Chirpy had to switch to the ‘big’ school but that time I never thought about the time system categorically and now that it has dawned upon me, it has brought happiness πŸ™‚

See, so I’m even writing a post now, in the morning, and I might even read some blogs here and there and then read my HR stuff and also my book….ah, am I sounding like a child by any chance? so be it πŸ˜‰

How are you doing? Anything in your life fell place recently? Did you feel excited like a child then?

6 thoughts on “Excited Like A Child, I’m!

  1. Oh yeah Nu…many times, actually ! The deep belief that things will work out great is a great doer for many things. We just need to be persistent in our thinking of what we want !
    Hugs to you and to that little angel πŸ™‚

    1. I know your beliefs and tough situations in life often remind me of your beliefs and your patience, the way you deal with life. πŸ™‚ I’m glad I know a person like you Ums!


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