Dear Chirpy-Teen Ka Tadka

Dear Chirpy,

Yet another phase of your life has begun. You’ve entered the ‘new’ school, ‘big’ school. The play group days are over. On your last day at your play group, I felt so emotional. I felt would miss coming here every morning, seeing all the little children playing in the garden, sliding over and swinging high, crying for their mothers and carrying the little gifts proudly. I would miss meeting your teachers and talking to them about your progress and dadagiri , yeah quite literally!

But you didn’t show any sign of missing your old school. Not that I was not expecting this, I was very much sure that you would not look back because you were to excited to look forward to your new ‘big’ school that you’d be telling everyone you met about. Also, I think you are too small to understand even the feeling of ‘missing’ something or leaving something behind. It is only me that got all worked up and became all sentimental. Mothers!

Your new school: First day: I was a little skeptical and all that of the washrooms, the play area and the classes… in fact everything of it all! And you, my angelic warrior you simply got hold of your bag from me, gave me a flying kiss and marched past everyone to your class… by the way did you even know which class you had to go in? Hahaha, you just walked in. There were couple of children crying out loud in your class having left alone with the teachers… you sat in your chair in the class, looking around amused, giving a kind of expression that said ‘why are these crying, can someone please tell me?’

I waited in hiding outside your class thinking what if you too start crying looking at other children? Just in case you know! But madam, you were sitting right there with the same expression on your face, why is everyone crying,huh! The entire scene was so touchy, for your sensitive mother, that she started crying herself, even when her own child was not crying but just because other children were wailing for their parents 😦

I decided to move out, I walked briskly and got into my car and drove off home!

You know I feel you are way too less emotional but then I think this is good. Not that I want you to be feeling less or something. You do cry your share of tears when it is really needed, you do love with all your innocence and warmth, but you are not touchy, and I think that’s good. You are kind of practical, well, like your father you see!

There is so much you’ve started doing and the long sentences that you keep floating at us, drops my jaws at times. You reason out with us like adults. You are a no nonsense girl who doesn’t want to hear round and round lectures about what not to do or what to do, you simply tell us to cut is short and move on! It surprises us to no bounds, your ability to logically put your argument against ours’ and then most of the time win it since you’re not only logical you are smart enough to turn the bargain into you win we lose, well most of the times 😉

I like the way you call me Mamma. You’ve stopped calling me Aai way back. You made this choice on your own. You just decided that I’ll be called as Mamma! and I never tried to change your choice, whatever you call me, it sounds only sweet! Is the mother in me speaking? oh well!

Just few days back on your 3rd b’day I was telling you how you came into our lives, that morning 3 years back, when you cried and made your entry in this world, smiled at Deda and slept cozily near me. You heard me so intently and you asked me again and again “mamma, how small was I then?” and I told you how fitted in my lap and now you are just growing out of it! You felt amused, to know that you were a baby yourself, you feel that you’ve grown up, like an adult and being a baby is a thing of past, but my darling gabu like the cliched sentiment flows from generation to generation in each family, you’ll always be my baby, no matter how taller or older you grow 🙂

On your 3rd b’day, I wish you 3 things: Intelligence, Kindness and Compassion. May you have all three in you, always!

Yours Emotional




14 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-Teen Ka Tadka

  1. They grow up so so fast! And their personality grows even faster 🙂
    Happy birthday my sweet little Chirpy! And yes you will always stay little to me, so no complaining about old people OK 🙂

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