Finding Chirpy

Today when I went to pick ChirpyΒ at 11.30, I was afraid, scared and my heart beat faster than I had ever imagined. Chirpy was not to be seen in the line of students children at the gate! *gasp*

I checked with the teacher who was manning the line, she was confused too to not spot Chirpy in the line. I felt angry, why the teacher does not know about her students’ whereabouts? That too a little girl…grrrrrr

So the hustle bustle was set, two teachers ran in two directions to find my daughter. I felt lost and speechless too. I also went in one direction around the school campus… didn’t know where exactly should I look for! My mind raced through several action points.Call her dad. Call police station.Shout at the principal left right & centre. Call my parents and sob. Oh, call office and inform I’m not coming, for don’t know how many days. Call.Call.Call. Oh God, where is Chirpy!

All these action points almost got acted upon in my thoughts in those 2 mins! Then lord Ganesha showered his blessings on my boss, chirpy’s grandparents, her dad, her teachers and the principal…….Chirpy was found !!!!!!

Madam Moselle was dancing, as if there was no tomorrow, on the first floor with the K.G. kids, Lo!!!! And poor teachers, went crazy finding her… although it was their fault too at the first place, to not know where the child was! They have to have an hawk’s eye on all children, right?

And secondly, my brat is a brat only, I know. So I told her too that she is not supposed to go here and there without asking / at least telling her teacher. That’s a good practice good kids follow, to be safe πŸ™‚ I hope she’ll remember this and will follow…

BTW upon asking her why did she go to the first floor all by her own, Chirpy said ‘I heard music, I wanted to dance, why was I called down? I want to dance more’ !!!!!!

I thought I had to wait for a couple of weeks or a months’ time to start writing ‘these’ type of posts here about Chirpy’s adventures at ‘big’ school, but boy! I was underestimating my girl! Today was the 3rd day in school and she has started her naughty acts already.

P.S. By the way did you also notice the mother in me is the same mother in you too? πŸ™‚ the same racing of thoughts, the same tension, the same fast forward movie in those 2 mins? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Mothers!!!!!!!!!



15 thoughts on “Finding Chirpy

  1. I loved her response – what a carefree bindass bacchi :). And I am loving your changed routine/office timings and seeing regular posts from you. You know I have mentioned this before too but I love when you write about Chirpy and write to her through your dear Chirpy letter series. She is already three, can’t believe !!!

  2. Gee that was scary Scribby…I would have gone beserk myself….Hugs to the bindaas girl..but yaa..please do tell her not to go here and there without the knowledge of her teacher…hugs hugs

    1. yeah I got totally lost too in the fear of not finding her 😦 I’ve told her today and I shall repeat it to her some more so that she follows πŸ™‚

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