Bullet Craving

*I’ve this weird habit. An unusual at that, I think. When I look around people, who are strangers to me, I start imagining their lives. How they would be in their homes, with their kids, with their siblings, parents etc. What would their daily routines be, their work environment, would they be eating veg or non veg. Would they be exercising, going for long walks, having ample time to talk to their spouses, shopping in big malls or at street shops, taking children to parks?

Do you imagine a strangers’ life too?

*I’ve come across some people who constantly want to make a point and prove that it is right. Sometimes, it irritates me to no bounds. Why do you have to prove to people that you’ve a point and it is right, whatsoever? You might have opinion, very good, you shared it publicly, never mind, you insist upon others accepting it and praising you for your outlook, not cool!

*I dislike when I’m being judged. I dislike when I judge someone. I dislike the fact that invariably I tend to judge people at times 😦

*Life is better these days with me following a strict boundary to the time spent in office. I’ve disabled the office email from my phone and I feel at home, when I’m at home! Seriously, it is we who make life complicated, life is plain!

*Me and Chirpy are started swimming this Monday. It is her summer vacation and I want to make most of this time, she loves water and has done few swim sessions last summer. I want her to learn swimming while she enjoys it unlike me who developed the fear of water and for so many years were not able to learn to swim, until last year!

*I’ve signed up for Hindustan Times’ Brunch Book Challenge, which says you’ve to read 24 books in 2014 and keep posting the updates on twitter. Simple and achievable target, no? It is fun and is motivating me to read 2 books a month. I like the purpose of the challenge: To promote reading!

*I’ve to slim down, for so many good reasons! Why can’t I get it right when it comes to paying attention to my own self? On other matters I’m a perfectionist to the T and I don’t care if it is day or night and if I’ve to slog to get things working, I’ll do everything else with my whole heart in it. But on slimming down, I’m a failure, a big one 😦

*I’m meeting my chaddi buddy next weekend in Delhi and I’m grateful to the Almighty for all the kindness that he showers on me, creating such opportunities and bringing in life to me! Ah, did I mention our friendship goes back to somewhere around 1985 or so?

*Haha writing 1985 sounded so so old and it tells me I’m at the other side of 30s!

*I’ve realized that bullet posts are cool in their own way, you say so much with so less! Me likes and get this craving of doing these posts at regular intervals, do you?


13 thoughts on “Bullet Craving

  1. Bullet post mein bullets dikha hi nahi :):)

    yaya to swimming..the brat here is super scared of water 😦

    and yaa do take care of your health okay?

  2. he he he I second hitchy’s thought above .. that you were planning to buy a bullet πŸ™‚

    reason being thankfully it has been SUNNY all week and I have managed to get my Bullet out of the shed after 5 years and managed to fix it and get it to start .. so this summer I will have my BULLET tooo .. and maybe match your points he he he he he or shud i say BULLETS πŸ™‚

    ok silly comment but hey make sure you laugh it off he he he

  3. I can see where you are coming from, Scribby. Sometimes, judging people is an impulse and done involuntarily. I guess, it’s alright as long as we don’t get prejudiced without good cause. πŸ™‚

    The reading challenge sounds great!

  4. Hawww you’re going to be in Delhi this month! Couldnt you have waited till july when I would be there too? Sob sob!

    Anyway have loads of fun with your chaddi-buddy πŸ˜€
    Enjoy your swimming sessions with the li’l one!
    The reading challenge sounds great! Happy reading..

    1. Yes had been to Delhi in last weekend of April …had I know of your schedule I would have postponed πŸ™‚ hehehe well no, actually my friend is going to be there only until May, so!

      Anyway, kabhi toh milenge, jaroor milenge, I’m sure πŸ™‚

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