It Doesn’t Help, But Haven’t I Accepted It?

It doesn’t help that I’ve my final year exams on my head that is within a week’s time. I’m still drowned in work, reading books and other stuff but studies!

It doesn’t help that I’m growing horizontally like every minute!!! I still indulge and don’t exercise!

It doesn’t help that people always betray me in one or the other way! I still don’t learn from my mistakes and trust more !

It doesn’t help that I’ve told myself my child is extraordinary in the sense that she applies logic from don’t-know-where corner of the world! I drop my jaw at her logical arguments and amazing firm expressions which screm that I’ve-won-this-argument-already!

It doesn’t matter, does it? 🙂

Life goes on, just like that.. I can’t change the core of my personality and I should not even bother to do that. I’ve made peace with what I’m 🙂 I know this is not a very good attitude to have especially on the sides where I know it could be harmful for me, but still I think it is better than crying in a corner that ways, ya?

How are you people doing? Monsoons arrived?

P.S. I’ve to mention it here : I’m doing good this year in terms of reading 🙂 So far read 11 books and I’m more than glad for myself. Did I mention I’ve signed up for Hindustan Times Brunch Book Challenge? Well, that did the trick, where in I’ve to finish reading 24 books by Dec 2014…quite doable and exciting!

What are you reading now?



8 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Help, But Haven’t I Accepted It?

  1. Monsoon has been here .. I want it to go away.. no rains please…

    I am not reading anything …

    and hey dont worry about people betraying.. thats their job.. you trust easy well thats your job.. Cant help it .. so a day will come surly when right people will come in life and no more betrayal ever ..

    Take care Scribby.. and all the best for the exam

  2. For some things you change for yourself and your health, for the others why change when you get to see a wonderful side of Chirpy?
    How are you dear? 🙂

  3. oh yes, monsoon has arrived for us.. the sad part of drying cloths inside house will start.. nice that chripy is in full swing in troubling mumma.. hugs to darling..

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