I need to learn…

Sometimes my mind wanders unnecessarily, to unnecessary corners where it is not at all required to invest my energies. Sometimes, it is not even a thing to be bothered about but I still do. Why? What for? Is that a personality trait that will die with me only?

I want to push away negative thoughts, never let them touch me, whatsoever, but the kind of person that I’m, I myself attract thoughts that give me headache. My imagination powers so strong that I can even think of something that is probably not going to happen whatsoever in future!

I’ve this thing for relationships. I fall deep in them. Nothing wrong at this stage too. Just that I want other person also to feel the same as I do for the relationship. I expect, yes that’s THE problem. I expect and people don’t bother that much as to how I feel about their behaviour or actions and why should they, seriously why should they think of me, who am I to them?

I fall for them, my choice, my fault! I should not blame anyone but myself for this!

Also, on top of it, I also don’t know how to move on. I’m a sucker of emotions and I hate losing friends. I hate breaking relationships and I detest any sadness that surrounds it.

Basically, I want the world to work the way I want it too, haha! I want everything to be hunky dory, to be smooth as ice-cream and people to be as emotional as I feel about them!

See so many expectations from people that I forget to be practical and live my life peacefully. There are friends that mind something and then turn your back at you, forever.

Maybe I hurt them deeply, maybe something I did that disturbed them, they too are human beings and they get hurt too, right? So, I can demand them to be always happy with me or keep talking to me whatsoever! I should get this right!

I need to learn to accept that there are relationships that go wrong, there are friends that turn their backs on you, there are things that hurt your friends no matter how simple they seem to you! I need to learn to stop clinging to each person that I care for… I need to stop caring for each person that comes in my life, that’s important I think!!!

What do you do when faced with such situations? Are you emotional or practical? What’s your take on such situations?



7 thoughts on “I need to learn…

  1. Scribby this is all part and parcel of life and one has to learn the hard way , I am sure everyone has gone though this , some a bit more like me , who are idiots and walk with their heart on the hand and anyone talking with two sweet words is my best friend..

    but its not like that , I learn everyday new things.. BUT when you say you shud stop caring for every person who comes in your life .. well that is NOT rIGHT.. because then you are changing who you are .. WHY should you change yourself .. you are you . and I beleive that one shud not change ..

    I know hurt will come again but then at least we are still who we are .. 🙂

    you are right people have become very PRACTICAL, but then these practical people meet their own kind sooner of later .. and it may be late but one day they do realise what they have done for sure and it hurts them then ..

    i make friends at drop of a hat, anyone who comes from india and knows me slightly has come and stayed in my house for months and I have done anything and everything within my limits for them .. but out of them majority are the people who when they have made their own way here have simply moved forward.. but then that has not stopped me being me .. just two weeks back my Friends neighbour’s son has landed here and is living with me … I could have easily said sorry cant do .. but then i also know i would have had sleepless nights thinking what will my friend think of me or even what will that boy do in a alien country ..

    just look at the example of blogging world, about 2 years back everyone was so very friendly with me inviting me to their houses and what not etc etc .. I went away and came back that majority have moved on and don’t even remember me .. and yet many had shouted at top of their voices how good friends we were then 🙂

    and that is exactly what i feel , you know I keep thinking why don’t these people visit me anymore or say hello at least .. but its simple they have just moved on or found better friends .. simple logic.. I will find better ones tooo …

    That is life .. just be who you are and Please dont change .. there are already so many bad people out there .. we need people who have good heart.. MORE..

    A very thoughtful and TRUTHFUL post Scribby , wish people thought this way more often .. you take care of yourself and Keep smiling … Chillax .. not to worry

  2. Hi Scribby,

    Hugs, been a while 🙂 I feel bad the way you do too Scribby but I don’t linger. Sometimes, things just change but they don’t have to end. I feel happy for good times and try my best to move on. Most of the situations I have faced concern friends getting lost to busy world and I respect that. I don’t expect, rather , am learning not to expect. But with bf’s, I expect big time and give myself too, even at 3 AM. Just knowing that there are a few of those makes my day all the time 🙂 Maybe you can try that?

  3. I’m more practical and that’s the opposite problem because I tend to hold people at arm’s length, so I end up not making any friends! 😦

  4. I can understand where you are coming from. I too am prone to such err – tendencies? Sometimes, its all we can do to have faith and patience. Not everything works out as we want. I try to be practical but it’s easier said than done, of course.
    Hope you have been well Scribby. 🙂

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