No I’m NOT against Yo! Yo!….

but that doesn’t make me FOR Yo! Yo! too 🙂

This is about the making-the-rounds-in-all-households-for-all-wrong-reasons Yo Yo Honey Singh! 

I have by the way heard his songs, never liked them honestly, but yes there are couple of them who have nice jazzy beats which make my feet tappy. But other than that if you want to ask me about the lyrics, oh god, no way I like them, of course not because those are nonsensical for the starts but because of those are a little out of the way too!

That said, I’m not against YHS.. just because I don’t like his work doesn’t mean his work is trash! It is my independent opinion and I’ve no rights to splash it over social media or elsewhere and write essays on how bad his songs are and how it is spoiling my very young daughter’s vocab or her orientation for songs!

Yo,Yo Honey Singh is a reality, exists in our society and we have to deal with it. Like how you deal with other things which you don’t like or don’t want your children to adopt, just like that! If you don’t want to bring him home, find ways to restrict him but by putting a blame on who or what he is, you are not doing much to not let him in your house anyway!

There is no denying that people and society do affect our lives and especially children tend to pick up bad things easily and quickly, but that’s always going to happen and has always happened. We certainly have to device ways to keep our children aware of what is good and what is not so good and anyway they’ll make their own choices some day! You can only provide foundation and that you should for sure!

My daughter and bringing her up is my responsibility, not his to behave so my daughter picks up good songs and decent vocabulary! It is her that I should focus my energies on instead of fretting over YHS songs!

I just think we normally have very sane thoughts running in our heads about how we should not be judging people and their work, whosoever it is! Then suddenly when things are suppose to be put in action, we forget our preachy thoughts and do exactly the same that we shouldn’t be doing : judge!!!!





13 thoughts on “No I’m NOT against Yo! Yo!….

  1. About bringing up children… sigh… I guess generation gap starts coming in right there you know! We are never our children’s age na…. What Baba Sehgal was cool to me when he started was downright pathetic for my parents…

    Some of my friends where really not liked by my parents and they many times tried to talking me into staying away from some trouble makers but alas.. it doesnt work like that… does it?

    I have a friend of Hriday who spends a lot of time with him that I hate, he has no manners is cranky, always fighting and arguing with Hriday and in many ways Hriday also becomes like him at so many times and I am like stay away from him and I wonder if I should be filtering his friends? Perhaps I can only try and talk to him when alone that some of the things he is picking up are not right. Whether the 10 year old understands everything and takes them in the right spirit I don’t know…

    Its so darn confusing, the world is not ideal and yet we want our child to grow up in an ideal atmosphere… not possible… yet we constantly must strive! 😛

    1. I know what you are saying and I can see it happening even today with my child, not in terms of friends but certain habits that she has started exhibiting/picking which we don’t want her to.. so we find ways to say no without actually saying a NO because then she tends to do exactly the same!

  2. So my aunt is making R write words from A to Z, just for fun. She writes stuff like Ant, ball, doll, etc until we come to Y. And then she says ‘Thathi, Y for Yo-yo…and then takes a pause, and goes, Yo-Yo Honey Singh’ !!! I give up really

    1. haha I think this is general knowledge 🙂 we parents need to take it with the pinch of salt and see to it that it is not crossing the lines, yeah?

      How are you doing?

  3. I agree with you! How long will be shield them or bar them from watching, listening, interacting?! It only works up to a certain age and after that all hell breaks loose! I’ve seen that happen to kids of overprotective parents; it’s completely counterproductive!

  4. ‘ they’ll make their own choices some day! You can only provide foundation and that you should for sure!’ Exactly! We can only do that. Provide them with the right foundation. Help them discern right from wrong, and then trust them to do the right thing. As a parent, I will try to limit negative influences though. For instance, I wouldn’t take her to a movie that is inappropriate for her age, in the hope that by the time she’s old enough to watch them, she would have got the perspective of understanding the right from the wrong.

    1. exactly what we think on movies Smithu, we don’t take Chirpy along with us to any movie, as it is 3 years is not the age to watch masala movies of any category in theatre, and even if we do think on those lines, those would be very nice light movies which a child can watch!

  5. Hey.. not many will know but thig guy started with some very sleezysongss and thank god he has stopped that else I wonder what kids would have listened to..

    I remember when I was growing up my dad always had a problem with my choice of songs ..

    I wish the celebrities have some code or sense of responsibility as kids follow them ..but then in their lure to make money they are least bothered..

    I am not a fan of honey singh but then wherever you go its his songs..he has done well for himself. . There are a couple of court
    cases going on against him..
    But I guess he is here to stay..I just wonder who comes after honey singh what is he goimg to be.. imagine that..

  6. Love this post, Scribs. You echo my views. I strongly dislike this guy’s lyrics (though his beats are groovy and at times enjoyable too)

    I wouldn’t want to expose kids to his lyrics but I get really mad at people who say he has no right to sell his music to us because he is ‘ruining’ our society. We live in a free society and everybody has a right to sell whatever they want to as long as it is within legal limits.. We CANNOT police people and snatch their rights based on what our morals are!

    If we dislike something, we should stay away from it. That’s all we can do. If majority of the people dislike it, they will automatically go out of business and shut down.

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