My life today!

I love my life! Yes at this moment my life is beautiful.. things that I wanted and were missing in life are now all there! I get up with a smile and sleep with content… There are some changes that I’ve done to my schedule which are a bonus too…

I’ve disabled my work email from phone which lets me be me, the mother, the wife and the person I’m at home. I’m no more a HR professional round the clock! That has brought a big time change in my life and the way I spend my time…

I switch off my thinking button when I’m at home. I no more think about work, strategies, planning and grievances that people have with HR, which are never ending! After all it is not about me personally, it is about the system which I’m a part of! I need not carry it home and fret over it, there are better things to plan and think about, period!

I know these things are nothing great that everyone should learn from me or start doing after reading them on my blog… these things have always been there in the rule book of life, only I was ignorant of them and was kind of making mess of my life by overdoing on work front!

We’ve met our family friends, friends that we can call Family Friends as! I always wanted this to happen and till date have waited for couples with kids same age group as ours and the major factor: clicking !

There are two families that we have become friends with, their kids are gelled well with Chirpy and we adults are similar in almost everything which makes us Family Friends! Now it is not something to rave about or write 3 paragraphs on, but for me it is essential part of life since all our close friends are in some other city or country. Moreover, gelling with people and their spouses at the same time is a little tricky and that’s why with us it never happened till we met R&M and V&K. We girls have clicked so fast, which is not shocking 😉 but the guys have clicked even so much so that in 2nd meet we decided to take up a holiday together, and trust me it was just not a plan, it actually happened! Too much good happening in last 2 months! touch wood!

So things are moving fast, we are growing up and our daughter is growing up with lightening speed that for every kid is true! She is our center of gravitation! We fall for her, every single time!

Job’s good, I feel settled, I’ve authorities and I get importance! I have started managing time to read, to take breaks and spend with my own self, I’m writing again which makes me happier, I’ve got involved in lot of Human Resource community activities and that keeps me motivated too!

Life can’t be better, can it? There are friends who ask me how do I manage doing so much and still am happy and not drained at the end of the day. There are friends who ask me how do I manage to look young and (not fit though) decked up (subtly) having a demanding job and fulfilling responsibilities at home.

If I really have to answer this, it is my MIL and Husby who support me in every step that I take. I’ve to never worry on personal front if I’ve to take up travel for work, I don’t have to fret if I have to stay back late in office, I don’t have to look into Chirpy’s studies on weekdays… it is all worked out well between 3 of us and it is rocking !

So in a nut shell I feel I’m on the top of the world. My life is good and I’m happy. But there are always BUTS in between, how can the circle be complete without them, right?

These little things are not worrying facts, but yet they surround my thoughts all the time, like we are yet not sure on having a second child. I’m not sure if we are doing justice to chirpy by delaying so much? Or is it for her good? I’m not sure if we will have a second child cause we have not yet finalized on this. This still is a cursory thought in our conversations. Other thing is my weighty issues. I know I know I know, it is all in my hands and all that but that’s the whole problem, it being only in my hand I’m not doing it. Why? I ask myself? And then I look back at my own pictures and I feel saddened to see myself now! What have I done to myself and why? This question remains unanswered, the plans go for a toss every morning and at the end of the day I’m just few more kilos heavier! For this, I hate myself, very much! But this is an old story, the whole point I’m trying to make here is they say one can never be happy, never be satisfied, I think it is true in my case, I will always want something from life at every point of time! Such is life, right?

So what is it that you want today? Are you happy thoroughly? Has your wants list exhausted?


8 thoughts on “My life today!

  1. All the best always scribby and here’s wishing that you be happy always ..
    and it is actually a good habit to switch off the work fone after leaving work .. I have also started doing that otherwise it seemed I was always at work …

    Stay blessed and my best wishes always

  2. Touchwood Scribby…so happy to read a happy post from you..makes me feel nice 🙂

    and things will fall in place…dont you worry about it..enjoy this phase with C..

    and family friends..sigh! funny my parents have had one for 30 years and RD and I have never managed one…may be someone out there is there for us..we havent just found them 🙂

    1. see this is exactly I felt was missing in my life… my parents have family friends since 40 years now… the friendship is running in next gen i.e. me and my friend and now the 3rd gen that is her daughter and my daughter… just imagine…this is what family friends do to you… they actually become your family 🙂

      I hope I give the same legacy to my child 🙂

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