1/30 Letters : Letter to My Best Friend

Dear R,

Our relationship goes a long way… way back to 1980s.. how old does it make it today? 30 years? Really? I too feel it is long long time, so much so that I wonder if this is true? Do they make such relationships anymore? I think we owe this to our parents, they brought us together and since then we are inseparable. 

Like all other relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve stayed apart for most of our teenage years, but our foundation, that is childhood has been spent together and we grew up with same beliefs and values that bond us even today, when we meet once in 2-3 years and speak once in a quarter (?, yeah)

I always have shared everything with you, boy friends, insecurities, fears and all bad stuff. I think we’ve seldom spoken about good stuff of our lives. For that we’ve lot of other friends, right? 🙂 I adore the fact that you trust me equally and pour your heart out to me the way I do to you! 

You know i never had to tell you how much I love you or the times when I didn’t want to speak with you, you just understood and never felt bad about it. 

You remember our Chinese Food outings? Our Non-Veg food obsession? Our late night pajama gossips? And hey remember the first time we learnt to make Dosas together? Aww girl, you have been my sister that God didn’t send for me.. you are my sister from another mother! I mean it, totally mean it! 

And very recently, our Mumbai rendezvous? The getting talli in Happy Singh and laughing non stop till we reached home? Gadhi, we could have got kidnapped that day after getting drunk on tall glasses of Sex on Long Island or whatever it was, see I don’t even remember 😛 

You know you are that friend to me with whom I can bare my heart and soul! You make me comfortable in every which way, in my own skin, the way I’m and the person ME,because of the only fact that you will not judge me!

I think I never told you this, I never had to, but when this opportunity came, I could not leave this chance. Babes, I love you to bits! I owe you a lot, my love, my time, I owe you ! You’ve been there silently for me and have never stepped back, in my bad times and even in my good! I look up to our friendship when I’m searching a relationship with trust. You’ve been an anchor and I exactly love the kind of friendship we have : least expected and so much giving! We don’t mind things said or done to each other, we abuse each other, we hate each other and we spoil each other rotten, but at the end the love current binds us together and that’s what matters sweetheart!

Also, this letter writing has come at the right moment, it is 1st day of September, and I need not mention why this month is special for both of us 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Leaving you with a song that touches my soul, makes me sentimental and I remember you every time I listen to it 🙂

This song is kind of made for us type of friends wonly 🙂 

Stay you, always!





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