3/30 Letters : Letter to My Parents

Dear Parents,

I think this is the easiest letter of all 🙂 I’ve things clear in my head as to what I would want to say to you… 

I of course would want to thank you for making me what I’m… When I became a parent I read lot of stuff on parenting, child rearing and how to do what and not. I realized after all that padhai that first 5 years are the basic foundation years that parents can give to their child/ren and that we must not lose it for a minute. Later on then kids pick up their own choices and paths to shape up their lives. 

Parents are guides, friends and philosophers. They stand by you, they are family and they are the ones who will never leave, whatsoever! 

Now that I’m a parent, I realize how tough job it is that you both have done to raise me and my brother. It is not easy to take up this responsibility and fulfill it to the T. There are weak moments, there are tough moments and then there are such moments where you have to be rough in handling your own flesh and blood. Parenting is test of time! And you certainly have taught me good lessons which now are helping me in raising my own daughter!

You know just having a lavish (I mean in terms of time, love, laughter and happiness) childhood makes me a happier and positive person and it reflects in my personality. my behavior and my doings. I feel good about my own self and I want to spread happiness across. 

I feel confident, free and liberal in my own skin. You taught me to love and stay happy in life. Take it as it comes and never feel lost at tough times. I simply adore how you dealt with my teenage : topics like boy friends, going out with friends, crushes, etc were never taboo in our house and in fact were discussed and were explained in such a manner that I never picked up wrong paths in my life because I had a strong support of family and one place where I can open my heart out, on anything!

I want to thank my destiny to have been born to parents like you 🙂 You guys rock! This letter is just an ounce of what I can feel or how well I can thank you for what all I’m today, because of your fabulous parenting 🙂 

The song that is on my mind while I write this is:

Love you,



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