5/30 Letters : Letter to My Dreams

Dear Dreams,

What do I write to you when you and me are so distanced, by nature or luck, whatever!

Simple, I don’t see dreams or do I write I don’t get dreams? I seriously don’t get them… or sometimes I think I might be getting them but when I get in morning, I forget what I saw or even if I saw something in my dreams šŸ™‚

I so wish I saw dreams, I would have want to interpret them. I would want to fulfill them or just have a big laugh at what I could imagine and see in my dreams. But sigh, I don’t get dreams.

When I hear other people talk about their dreams, I feel funny and sad at the same time. Funny, for I see people get worried for their dreams if they something bad and sad that why I like others don’t have anything to talk about my dreams? Like this letter, see this was included in the series because normally people do get dreams and they can write about them, except me, who is a little abnormal here šŸ˜¦

But anyway, I’m positive about future, and now, I take this opportunity to invite you in my sleep… baby come to my sleep, come to me! Ā I want to talk about you, tell people what I saw in you, feel sad at times and feel funny for my imaginations šŸ™‚ I want to get up and think what I saw… okay, let’s make a deal, at least once a week come to my sleep, okay? Is it too much to ask for? huh?

Toady I’ll sleep in anticipation to welcome you, don’t let me down, after all I also want to write about you, here, right here šŸ™‚

Come Soon,


No relation with this post, this song is playing in the background, I can’t do without music and it keeps playing if I’m writing or working, so!


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