6/30 Letters : Letter to A Stranger

Dear Hi Stranger,

You really scared the hell out of me the other day. Yes, I got scared, I’m like that, softy delicate person by heart (don’t go by my physique !!)

Although I was in car, driving to work, and you were on the bike, following me relentlessly, I got really worried. You were adamant, not leaving my side, riding along my car and giving me jitters!

I don’t know exactly what were you looking for, why were you following me, and then suddenly you just disappeared! You looked vague, not very much like a gunda but not very decent as well… you were giving me direct stares.. I wanted to stop the car and shout at you, I wanted to shoo you away, I wanted to question you, also for a moment I thought of siding you to extreme right with the car…

..but I did just nothing of the above.. does that make me coward? I chose to simply drive and not pay attention to you.. I chose to not notice because other than following you were not doing anything, no actions, spouting words or anything else… does that make me meek?

Whatever that makes me, but seriously, tell me Stranger, who were you? Why did you do that to me ? Why were you following me? Since you did not do that again, I assumed you confused me with someone else..

But the question still remains, why anyone else too? Why follow someone like this? Why scare someone? Was there a genuine reason or you were just like that? Were you wanting to talk to someone genuinely? I really hope yes!

Just don’t do that again, to anyone, no one at all!

While I write this, I’ve absolutely no song on my mind, I’m again reminded of that day and I feel creepy! 


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