Stockpiling Life…. is alive!


My first post of this year.
My first post from mobile app.
My first post to start writing again!

Life’s running with a faster pace than ever.. No. . This is not clichΓ©. . This is the truth! I’ve been juggling between work, home, friends, me time and thoroughly enjoying every moment of this juggle.

2014 has been very kind to me and the expectations from 2015 rises. I want this year to be even better and memorable for me.

Chirpy is growing.. getting logical. . Intelligent. .. inquisitive and super active! Just how beautiful it is to see your child/ren grow. She is becoming her own personality… Our grandma and mostly dictates everything that takes place in our house. Basically, she’s the boss…Her Highness!!

I recently read few of my fav blogs and I’m loving it. I remember those old days. . That madness of commenting.. That connection with blogger friends. . The love. . The warmth flowing across continents. All selfless and beautiful. Just as we imagine life to be… Happy and neat! I miss those crazy days. . Those blogging days. Most of the friends I made in last few years here are still in touch and thank god for that. Some are left behind but I do think of them often. Wish them luck always. Sometimes raf their blogs to know of their well being. Blogging changed my life.. my perspective. .. gave me new thoughts and value added in my personality. And earned me FRIENDS!

I intend to blog again. Write regularly if not daily. But sick to this world and keep in touch with my old friends. Here’s to a new start. . New year of bodging!

If at all I’ve some readers left please tell me… It will be a booster for this poor soul πŸ™‚ so big shout at all of you who are reading this. . Let’s begin the journey! πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Stockpiling Life…. is alive!

  1. Hello and welcome back.. its such a coincidence , I just left a comment yesterday on ur blog…

    Happy new year and good to see you back All the best for the year 2015…

  2. And I would love to read what you write about C πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I too took a long break but sort of crept back into my blog to keep it alive….so here’s wishing you great blogging moments in 2015 !
    ((hugs)) my dear…I wish to meet you and C this year, at your city !! Pray it happens πŸ™‚

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