I think living simple life means nothing but keeping it simple in your thoughts. Why fret over things? Even the bigger ones? I know this might sound philosophical but give it a thought and you’ll realise there is no point in fretting over what you will lose, what you will not get in life, what could have been yours, relationships yada yada.

It happened or will happen because it had to happen/ has to happen. Destined to happen that way. I’ve myself come to realise that no amount of worrying or anger or frustration would stop what is going to happen or change what has happen. Instead stay positive and keep at things. Not that this attitude guarantees success or no failure or total happiness. It’s just that this will keep you in good shape to handle things. Handle life!

I think this really works. Moreover, staying positive will bring the better person out of you… You’ll spread positivity and also attract positivity from the universe. Errr… Do I sound preachy here?

May be I do but most of the times I follow this, which means it is possible, but sometimes I lose it, which means I’m a normal human being 😉

Now I want to make it a habit. Remind myself about this and stay good! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Positive

  1. Hey Scribby- I agree each and every word in this post. Life will be so much simpler if we accept that we have very little control over the happenings. Whatever has to happen will eventually happen. By fretting over it and obsessing about it we are only making it miserable. And hey, while you remind yourself about the positivity so that to me as well. I badly need such timely reminders.

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