House Arrest!

For some reason I’m bounded to my bed and all I do these days is sleep, eat, pee, read, eat, poop and repeat. Pretty much like a little baby except that babies are cute bundle and they don’t read, that’s the only difference. Okay, one more, I pee and poop on my own and not , thankfully, dependent on anyone else!

So now you know the reason of me blogging almost every day and reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Reading books and doing reviews and also signed up for HT Brunch Challenge of reading 30 books this year. Not that I’ll be on bed like this for entire year, but, till the time I’m on it, I’m making the most of it, positively! See I told you about being positive and all that gyaan? I’m following it and I’m happy.

I’m doing fine, nothing to worry. I’ve never been on this ‘punishment’ ever in my life. Didn’t know how it feels to be doing nothing and just lying on the bed. Initially it sounds fancy that people are hovering around you at your service, and all you do is spend leisure time reading and sleeping, the things that you most admire when you are on your toes in usual days. But now that I’m into at, I can feel the itch of getting out of bed. Doing stuff, being busy, getting ready, driving, going to office and all that jazz. I miss watching movies in theatre! I miss my office, which sometimes I hate in normal circumstances by the way. I want to be back to normal, my life, my routine! Fingers crossed, hope uparwala is listening to my plea!

God forbid, have you ever been in such situation for whatsoever reasons? I hope not and I wish you never face this!

All in all, life is still good 🙂 I’m using my ‘free’ time for things l love to do and don’t get to do now a days. I’m loving that this blogging thing is back in my schedule. Also, I’ve realised, one always want something that one doesn’t have!!!! How ironic is human mind?




17 thoughts on “House Arrest!

  1. Scribby you ok, What is wrong .. are you ok (i know stupid question).. whatever it is my wishes your way ..

    and what is that i read you visitng and commenting on other blogs RIGHT.. so i guess my blog is not good anymore 🙂 he he he he

    you are right human mind always wants something that one doesnot have..

    Take care and all the best ..

  2. Hoping everything is alright Scribby.. Take care 🙂 Meanwhile we will enjoy your blog time 🙂

    Btw I totally understand how that just feel.. I have been given week long bed rests in the past for backpain and I just know how bad of a punishment it is.. Not being able to do things normally.

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