Soup Love!

In winters what else do you want, on bed?


I love tomato soup,home made. I took the recipe from Ani’s blog (and gave it to the Husband dearest), she took it from Manjula’s Kitchen blog.

This is what I’m doing. . Eating & Reading 🙂

Happy Winters!


11 thoughts on “Soup Love!

  1. Hey! Came here from MORS’s blog. I was reading posts on my blog from a few years ago and there used to be so many comments from you 🙂 I guess your old blog is no longer active! Glad to find this blog.

    Hope you’re doing well. Enjoy your books and your soup and (self promotion) I wrote a few reviews and put together reading lists on my blog if you’d like some inspiration.

    Oh, I just love the Android WordPress app. Makes life easier, no?

    1. Hello my friend from the past 🙂 so good to see you here… Yeah I loved reading and would love it now too… Just that my link was broken. .. Was away from blog world 😦 but now getting back. .. How are you doing? And the little one? I remember carnation (hope the word is right) music that you were into..Still on?

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