Finally, Stepping Out!

Finally the day has come to step out. The day to get ready, get into the normal routine and step out! I’m going to office tomorrow, yes which means the house arrest is over and over for good !

I feel so relaxed, so much myself and peppy inside that I wish this phase never comes again in my life, or anyone else’s. I know the stuff, things happen for good and all that but really, good things also can happen for good no? 🙂

Anyway, so what’s up? I finished reading 3 books this month and I feel it is a good start to the year 2015. Just that I should be able to stick to my reading nerve and not lose the rhythm. I don’t want to go hard on myself to read n number of books etc. just that I want to keep reading.

I hope to come back with a post about Chirpy, there’s so much I want to write here about her, record for laters, for her to read and know how she was as a child and I feel I’m completely missing on my agenda. Either things happen so fast in life that I fail to keep pace and write them down here or life over takes me and I fail to match the speed for making space for all the things that I feel I should be accommodating in my life! Puzzling, sigh!



13 thoughts on “Finally, Stepping Out!

  1. Glad to know you are back to routine! Yay!:D But err why were you on house arrest!?:P I read the previous posts, but did not get to know anything. Curiosity kills the crow you see 😉

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