Just Generally!

These days I think I’ve lost the knack of writing. I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words. I fail to even try. Last week, thrice I got that urge of writing down something, which now have flown out of my mind, but I could not manage to even log-in into wordpress account !

Writing seems very tedious, looks like a hard work to me now a days! It sometimes also feel boring-to write!

Sheesh, what a post this is, ha! Talking bad about writing by writing only!

Anyway, those who are interested in knowing how am I and how’s life in general at my end, here’s what : Life’s good, I’m back to normal track and office is running fine. I was overwhelmed to know how many people missed me in office. They called, messaged and emailed offering help if I need it and asked me to rejoin as soon as I can because they missed me! What a feeling, no? Such are the times when you really know who is happy to have you in their lives. And I was happy to see I’ve a big fat family our there in office! I felt precious, I felt special!

I’ve come to accept that Blogging & Reading and Office & Routine are not friends in my life! They can’t go hand in hand. When one track is running, the other has to take halt.. a longer one! Though a such sad fact, but fact it is and I’ve to accept it or if I’ve this huge problem with this, I should do something to change it, but the lazy person in me wants everything served on the platter and I don’t want to raise a finger to try!

So it is time to run, not literally, but rush basically to office. I’ve a meeting lined up and I think I’m going to be very late for it! But somehow, I wanted to write and write did I, so am I lazy or not? Hahaha…

Good Morning people, have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Just Generally!

  1. “I’ve come to accept that Blogging & Reading and Office & Routine are not friends in my life!”
    Sounds very familiar πŸ™‚ I’m blogging now because I’m out of office… Once I’m back, I’ll feel guilty for neglecting my blog again. How about a post on how you made peace with this?

  2. well scribby as and when you get time .. you can write.. I am sure all your blogger friends will be waiting ..

    All the best and good to see you getting back to norm.. my best wishes always Take care

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