Who Am I? What Am I?

I was generally thinking what if someone asks me who am I? What am I like? So what will I reply? I mean do I know my likes and dislikes by heart? Are those preferences fixed or they keep changing or upgrading? Was just thinking randomly of course. So thought of maybe writing few things here, of what I like and don’t like, what I love to do, and what I wish to do.

-I like honest people.

-I can’t hug and kiss unnecessarily for the sake of it all.

-I like writing, reading and watching movies. No, make that love actually!

-I love people, being around them and having them in my life. I can’t live a loner life.

-That said, I want my me time, alone time and it is my priority and I manage it, thank god for that!

-I love travelling. To places known and unknown.

-I’m sometimes a random person, behave like so-not-me types. Maybe you can call me as moody? But I have those moments when mood-swings attack me!

-I love shopping! Shopping for self and all 🙂

-I want to be a photographer, a freelance writer and travel the world.

-I cherish friendships and can stretch limits do things that a relationship will ask for, just to keep it intact. Only one condition : The love should be both ways 🙂

-I think at this age and stage, in all these 34 years I’ve evolved as a person, learnt a lot and have become mature enough to handle life, added people to my life who would stay with me till my end, have also had sour relationships which is bound to happen, but it still hurts and I have kind of learnt to move on. I’ve still a long way to go and I’m loving it already. With a kid in tow, I learn new aspects of being human by being a parent.

-I love being a mom but honestly I’m not that typical 24*7 mom to my kid, sorry but she’s not that much lucky 😦 I have my own personality and interests which I care for and have it in my priority list but not before my child’s needs.

-I love music, it is my lifeline. Give me loads of work and I’ll not tire if I’ve good music at hand, in ears basically 😉

-I love to drive, two wheelers, 4 wheelers, whatever. I love to drive, I never get tired or it never seemed boring to me to drive long distances.

Who are you as a person? What do you like / dislike in life? What is that you wish you did or did not do? Wanna share?


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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