On My Way..

while I drive to work every day, there are so many things I notice on my way which make me smile, think and regret few things in life, sometimes.

Couple of incidents that took place last week still come back to me, like..

1. I was right behind a school bus and there were kids of age somewhere around 7-10. There was this girl at the back seat and looking at the traffic from the glass window. She looked straight into my eyes, while we were at a signal waiting, she smiled and waved at me. I felt super duper happy and waved back with a flying kiss πŸ™‚ In that instant her friend noticed and asked (I’m guessing) who was I and whether she knew me. To which the girl shook her head and said something to her, the friend gave me a weird look and made somewhat a bad face and went away. The girl again looked at me and smiled, the bus moved, I moved and the smile on my face? Intact, till today πŸ™‚

That girl, her smile made my day and I was so happy the entire day in office. Someone somewhere unkown to me made my day by just passing a simple smile πŸ™‚

2. I was taking a right turn on a triangle junction, which is a little traffic-ky and you have to slow down whatsoever, slow down almost like halting. At that triangle, there was a lady on a two wheeler with not more than 1 year old baby standing at the front. As it is it looked dangerous to have such small baby standing on a riding vehicle, and to top it, when she applied the breaks, the baby fell down and somehow was found lying down between the vehicle’s two tyres. The very moment when I reached that point and had to halt. The first feeling that came to my mind was WTF! How can that lady even think of taking this little baby on a ride? I felt very very angry. I stopped the car to get out and help pick her baby. There were others also who ran for help.And the baby, that baby was crying incessantly, it fell right on its stomach, and the cheeks were so red with the rash, my heart still cries when I think of that scene. Anyway, the best part the baby was not hurt much.

While on my way ahead to office, I kept thinking of that baby. What would have given that lady courage to take such small baby on a wheeler, that too a two wheeler? Was she in need to anyhow go somewhere and had no place to keep her baby? Or was she completely out of her mind to do such a thing? I kept wondering, I still wonder. What makes people do such things? I know either there is a dire need or just plain simple ignorance. But whatever, that day the baby could have badly hurt too or worse-died! My hear aches, even today !

4 thoughts on “On My Way..

  1. That incident with the baby was seriously scary. Even with older children I’m so scared to see them on two wheelers without a helmet. A baby? I hate to be the kind of mom who judges another but I can’t think of anything so urgent that requires a baby to be on a two wheeler unsupported. In case of a real emergency there are always autos…

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