Simple Yet Great Initiative!

We talk about being humble, humility and humanity. There are tons of things to do to help others, needy out there on street and around us and there is so much to give to the society. We want to do so much yet sometimes we can’t figure out how to start and from where to begin!

But there are simple things that can be of great help too and lot of time these simple things only are the ones that are hard to find and we miss out on our agenda of being good to others and giving to the society because we think big and on greater lines.

The idea is to just begin and pick up simple strings to reach to the bigger agenda.

My point is being drawn from this tweet that I read today “10 & 12 std board exam hv started. In case u c a student stranded without transport pls assist thm 2 reach d exam center. Im sure u will hlp” (posted as is)

The moment I read it, it reached me. I mean isn’t it very simple and generous act? But honestly I never thought of it. Not that if some student would want help, I would say no but looking for any such student stranded, was certainly not on my mind. After reading this tweet, I shall be on a look out when I’m on the road, at that time.

Of course there is a chance of error of spotting the wrong people and trying to help out in-genuine. But then we’ve to be vigil and smart, should we not? At least we can give it a try, to do this act in our neighborhood, to the people you know? I think it is doable.

So, if you are reading this, please keep this in mind. Someone might need your help, be there!


3 thoughts on “Simple Yet Great Initiative!

  1. Good one Scribby! There are many simple yet great things that we can do to make others happy. in my case, when I see someone running for the lift I make it a point to stop for it for them. I have been on the receiving end of this simple thing and it really helps.

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