Chirpy-ness 5

The conversations and discussions in our household are getting interesting day by day, with little Chirpy growing up with her growing logical reasoning and curiosities. I seriously do enjoy being a parent all the more now. It is like a new flavor in this whole parenting thing that has spiced it up yet again!

Incident 1: Last few days, Chirpy was after us to get home a ‘black&white’ as soon as possible. When we first heard this term, we obviously were clueless as to what she wanted, then we found out that she wanted a keyboard to play music. Now where she saw that, how this thing got into her head, we have no clue but as long as she is getting right things in her head, we are fine! So the discussion about buying a ‘black&white’ started. We first dilly-dallied a little, not to jump on her wishes immediately and all that, balanced parenting tricks or whatever! So we told her ok, let us see and etc. But we noticed that this continued for more than a week and that she was consistent on her fancy for the keyboard. Finally, we thought of really buying one for her. We looked for it online, talked to a few friends for advices/options and settled down on something that looked interesting on Amazon. Our instant thought was to get a toy keyboard for her but then we re-thought that since she is now growing up we should buy her a basic keyboard that would do good for her for say around 2-3 years and she might as well develop an interest in playing & learning it. So this is the lengthy background. Now cut to the conversation we had around this :

Chirpy: When are we getting the B&W for me?

Us: Today we shall order it online.

Chirpy: Okay, so when today?

Us: Right now princess, see Deda is doing it on the computer.

Chirpy: Keenly watching him order it.

Us: See this is the one you shall get home *showing her the image*

Chirpy: Ok great πŸ™‚ What time it will come home today?

Us: Oh no,no, it will not come today, we’ve just ordered it aka purchased it. Now it will take 3-4 days to come home.

Chirpy: *baffled* But why so? You said you just paid the money from the computer!

Us: Yes darling but that’s how online shopping works. *telling her the concept of online shopping*

Chirpy: *discarding the idea of online shopping* huh, what use! If we go to the shop they will give you the B&W immediately when you give them the money!!! This online shopping is not good!

So, all the online shoppers, did you think of this flip-side of not doing the shopping exercise physically? Haha. Honestly, I really appreciate her logic. She is right, we say online is faster, doable, manageable on the go but ultimately we wait for a good 3-4 days to get our product in hand and sometimes more than this. Kids, seriously are genius and so purely logical in their approach, it surely is a time of relearning for us πŸ™‚

Incident 2: She has just learnt the concept of the sportΒ ‘langdi’Β  and was trying to do it yesterday. But within 5-10 mins she started crying saying that she is not able to do it perfectly and her other leg comes down faster. She wants to get it right, right away! We explained to her that she is doing it right and if she practices she’ll perfect it sooner. I also told her that even mamma learnt it very late, just thinking that this will give her some patience. But then, this is Chirpy, a toddler we are talking about, right? Here’s how the conversation went through:

Chirpy: *crying* I can’t get it right, why?

Us: You will get it right sweetie, just practice a little more.

Chirpy: No, No, No. I want to get it right now!

Us: Mamma also learnt it after lot of practice, this is how we learn. It is okay!

Chirpy: *raising her volume* Noooo, I want do it right now!!!

Us: See you learnt to ride your small cycle after a few days of practicing it, you learnt playing badminton after few days of practicing it, so it is the same with this as well.

Chirpy: *now highly irritated and totally not convinced with us* I don’t like this, I should learn it now, now, now!

We somehow diffused her irritation by again repeating the logic and diverting her to something else giving her assurance that we shall do it together tomorrow. But the whole point here is, the kid that she is sometimes gets too adamant and is not ready to listen. She has become demanding, from herself and wants everything to happen right away. In a way it is good that she wants perfection but the irritation that she feels makes me think what if this becomes her habit & compulsion to know/learn everything that may pull her down in big things in life later? Possibility no? I know this is a far fetched thought but you never know, this is a developmental stage that she is in and she might become the person she is carrying the perception and attitude of things right now. I hope as a parent I’m able to diffuse her going over board on expectations from herself, teach her balancing and channelize her energies in right direction at the right time! Who said parenting is a cake walk,anyone? πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Chirpy-ness 5

  1. They’re both two sides of the same personality, no? She wants the keyboard now and she wants to learn everything *now*. I think that’s because when you’re 5 even a day seems so long! One of my first memories is having a conversation with my friend when we discovered how long one minute really is. It went something like this:

    Me: Did you know one minute is very long?
    T: I also know
    Me: I used to think it’s very short
    T: Yes, I used to think it’s like counting 1, 2, 3 but mama told me that is just one second. 1 minute is 60 seconds…
    Me: Wow!

    Well, obviously I don’t remember the details but you get the picture. πŸ™‚ See, at that age we could barely count to 60. Can you imagine counting till 60*60*24 (* 3 or 4 days)?

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