…when the heart simply wants to be MUSHY :)

We’ve had very bad fights.We really are very very different. Poles apart would be a right thing to describe us, yet we are in a relationship since more than a decade now. We produced a beautiful child which is an apple of our eyes. She is our world and we revolve round her.

I feel really depressed, heavily sad at times when we are cross at each other. Primarily, because there are few things that I don’t approve in you, some of your thoughts, your concepts and behaviours. But that is true vice versa too. And that’s how it is between two people, between husband and wife.

Times of our fights are the times when I really tend to think what the hell is wrong with you. How insensitive you’ve becomes towards certain things. What do I do to change you etc. But when I calm down, my mind tells me, its the person you are that I fell in love with. That I decided to marry and take vows. That I feel proud my child has you as her father. So what if there are differences, they add spice to our lives, we bounce back in all mush and it kind of gives us a break from our routine and gives an excuse to celebrate our patch up.

Little fights, big arguments, light banters are so part of our relationship. And the mix of it is all what makes it what it is today for 14 years. Can you believe we know each other for that long now? I certainly don’t know how these years went by. Flew, actually. And there is yet so much to witness.

We’ve our dreams to come true. We’ve our second bub to come in this world. We’ve long parenting years and support each other in the drill. We’ve to watch so many movies, chat non stop late nights, have reading races like kids, have arguments to make for silly things, patch up with a kiss and hug each tight for no reasons, not talk for couple of days in a row, accuse each other for nothing, have each other to fall back in bad times, worry about our future as parents of teenage children, travel the world & explore, basically, we have so much remaining to do in our lives that we can’t afford to let the moments pass by just like that. There is so much to do which is going to be exciting.

I don’t want to think how my life would be without you, this is very hypothetical and no use in thinking that. Instead, I’m thinking what my life is with you in it and if I’ve to sum up, it is the you and me that makes prettier for both of us in this relationship.Β The best is I have you and you have me, the best it could be!

So what I’m saying is I love you for what you are with a little disagreement with some part of you πŸ˜‰



10 thoughts on “…when the heart simply wants to be MUSHY :)

  1. Wow, you make love and all the things associated to it look so beautiful. I bet they are too to the eyes that see. All those feelings that you expressed so well, one day i wish such love comes in my life too.

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