It is about that time again, where I know you exist but I wait for you to come to me. When I keep thinking about you, I can hear your footsteps, far in the distance, approaching me, slowly yet steadily. I long to see your face clearly, to touch you and hold close to me.

This feeling is so known and already experienced, but yet again it is so new to the core which you made it possible for me. I owe so much to you for this moment, for these feelings, for this happiness, that I cant seem to content in me.

My face lights up upon your mention, my heart races faster, the new me that you’ve given life to, is an awesome person I love. This me is patient, mature and quite understanding, far more than she was earlier, until yesterday.

While I wait for you to come, I wish you a happy and safe journey. No matter how much I want you to come sooner, I want you to take all your time to reach me.

Come, safe & sound!


19 thoughts on “Dear….

  1. Wow, right time to come back to your blog I guess Scribby. Congrats! When is the baby due? πŸ™‚ Missed so many posts. Have to come back often now!

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