To Each His Own

Few days back I was talking to one of my colleagues about driving & traffic. Now let me tell you I enjoy driving very much even if there is a lot of traffic. Reason being nothing, I just love driving.

This colleague was in fact with me to some place we were going. He was on passenger seat and I was driving. Some nonsensical drivers, whom you can find in every city & street, crossed my path and I just let it go like that. This is the conversation we had:

My colleague: What the hell, and you are not irritated at all?

I said: No, what’s there to get irritated about? I know such drivers exist and they are reality. I’ve accepted it and I’m careful in my driving, I think that’s simple.

My colleague: Yeah we know such drivers do exist but you didn’t even mutter any cuss word or you didn’t frown or are not upset at all, that’s surprising!

I said: Yeah, maybe that’s surprising but that’s what I’m!

My colleague: But without using any cuss word there is no fun in driving!!

I said: Hahah, I think differently ๐Ÿ™‚

So basically, I’ve heard this type of statement earlier also from other fellow drivers. But the whole point here is, I just don’t feel like cursing anyone even if they are at mistake. Yes, I do feel sad to see the jinxed traffic rules of our city, the blatant blindness to traffic signals by two-wheel riders but then I can’t do much about it, this is as much fact as it could be. So instead of boiling my blood everyday, I prefer enjoying my drive by ignoring and listening to beautiful songs. As it is by cursing someone is not going to change that someone in anywhich way, so why badmouth anyone?

While driving, music is my soul mate. I love music and I’ve at least 3-4 CDs of my fav collection always in the car to come handy! What else do I need? I almost take 15-20 mins one way to reach office on an average. I take it as myย meย time, to ponder, to remember things and to be happy listening to my fav music. I think this is the best time one can spend with self, no?

Moreover, to each his own. Your style is to badmouth and feel good my style is to ignore and feel good ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s not tell each other thatย your drive is not worth if you are not cursing someone!ย 



8 thoughts on “To Each His Own

  1. You are awesome. I can’t imagine driving without cursing and cussing in India.

    I am amazed how you say this, ‘I just donโ€™t feel like cursing anyone even if they are at mistake”
    My respect to you for being so Buddha like.

    As for me, I don’t just feel like cursing them, I feel like slitting their throats. Those sick people don’t just make mistakes in my opinion, they commit crimes. They put a lot of innocent people at grave risk. I have seen innocent people die (literally) because some f*ckers did not follow the most basic rules.

    I wouldn’t care if those assholes put only themselves at risk. But they put the whole society at risk. I worry about my family being run over because of those jerks. I have often wished all those rash driving, rule breaking assholes die soon, before they kill an innocent, law abiding civilian. There, I said it.

    1. I get your point and I agree to this outlook, the point I’m trying to make is, sweetheart, in all this, you only end up boiling your blood, spoiling your mood and achieve nothing beyond this. That’s where I’ve a problem. People will be what they are, and they’ll put others’ lives at risk too, even ours, but the fact remains, we can’t do anything like literally slitting their throats etc. So might as well, pay attention to your happiness and not spoil your mood. I would prefer reaching home/at work in a happy mood rather than having garam dimag and spreading my unhappiness all around ๐Ÿ™‚

      P.S. nothing like Buddha here, hehe, I’m kind of being selfish only no?

      1. Haan, I really get what you mean. Boiling your blood will only do you harm. But what I missed saying is that I don’t just curse people in my head. I drive up/race up to them as much as possible and I scream at people and tell them why they are assholes and how much harm their recklessness can cause.

        Will this make their behaviour change? No. I do it only to make them aware of the fact that somebody thinks they are jerks. If everybody screamed at such people, perhaps it would make them think and drive home the fact that their behaviour is wrong. As of now, many don’t even realise how wrong they are.

        NOBODY would tolerate such bad driving in the West. Everybody would scream at the miscreant and get them arrested.

        I know getting mad at such people causes me stress but if it makes even 0.01% difference in attitude, it is worth it.

        PS – My feelings are coloured by the fact that a college friend just lost her mom because a driver was speeding while driving on the wrong side of the road. He ran over her. I will never be able be indifferent to such beings ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Lovely post!
    I have started driving recently and as a precaution, I let the honking cars, who seems to be in a hurry, pass by. And like you I prefer enjoying some music while driving. But I do get irritated when inspite of being careful & driving at very less speed, I have to apply brakes suddenly due to the fault of some pedestrians. :/

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