That Moment When…

*you feel just so not right in your head!

*you feel you want to talk bad to everyone around!

*you feel out of the world, not in the right sense!

*you feel everything is tumbling down upon you!

*you feel nothings falling right in its place!

*you feel useless, heavy and bloated, all at the same time!

*you feel today is the bad-dest day of your life!

and then…..

That Moment When….

*your 4 year old comes and hugs in the middle of nothing!

*you feel you were being an as&*ole for thinking all the above for nothing!

*you feel sorry for feeling super bad about life, for no reasons at all

*you feel life’s so beautiful and right in front of you to embrace with both your hands!

and then…

That Moment When…

*you give yourself discount of letting be for sometime, given your state!

*you tell yourself not to be hard and harsh on yourself!

*you remind yourself that normally you are a good person and all that!

That Moment When…

*you realize such is life and you’re not alone dwindling in bad & good thoughts, at times!

Life, oh yeah! Pick it up, stand strong, smile and walk ahead!


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