Just Some Sweet Nothings…

…which really mean a lot!

^Chirpy is more than caring, acting like a beeg baby already and planning stuff to do in later days from now.

^She understands that she has to behave in a manner that she be called a good elder sister, every act and every thought now circled around this one thing : I’m a big sister and I’ve to be a good example.

^Books, Toys and now even clothes are categorically being sorted and kept aside for later use.

^The wait is long, she knows but she is patient, careful and helpful in my journey!

^She has a routine, which has not broken as yet, to start the day by wishing good morning and go on until she says good night to her younger sibling, she does it religiously, with so much passion and love!

^I feel emotional, teary eyed and thankful to the almighty for letting me experience these sweet nothings that life is offering to me, and I’m glad I’m able to hold these all and save in my heart!

Dear Chirpy, you are the first love of my life and you shall always be, no matter what, no matter who! You’re going to be the same to me, months and years later from now. I’ve loved you with my heart, and that love is reserved for you! You’ve a special place carved in my heart, which belongs only to you, and no one can reach there, trust me! Everything that you do and say , every little thing that you did first, is right here, etched in my mind, to never forget ! You are always going to be my first… nothing can change that my love!

Yours Mamma!


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