Ugly..Totally Ugly Thoughts!!

I don’t know why this is happening to me. It is scary and doesn’t make any sense, yet it is there in my head and I’m so so horrified with it all.

I have been getting bad thoughts, real bad thoughts, about Chirpy since a few days now. And these are not dreams, these are thoughts that I get when I’m totally awake, very well in my senses and alone. The train of my thoughts take me such weird imaginations, I can’t believe! Maybe I’m reading / watching wrong stuff these days, when I’m not? Maybe these are hormones working on me? Maybe I’m emotionally worked up?

I’ve no clue why! But it is all very scary. I cry incessantly when I get these thoughts and I feel insecure about Chirpy’s safety. I feel something bad will happen to her. She’ll be in danger. She’ll be not safe when is out of the house. I’m acting finicky as a result and that’s more scary because this can shake up the otherwise cool and confident Chirpy, and God knows I never want that!

God, I ask for emotional strength from you, especially now when it is much much needed. I want you to keep my babies safe. I want everyone to be happy around. I want to get rid of these ugly thoughts. I want to smile and be happy. I want to think good and keep my mind clutter free. God, please help me help myself.


7 thoughts on “Ugly..Totally Ugly Thoughts!!

  1. Hugs Scribby. I get similar thoughts about my parents and can’t stop thinking sometimes. I tell my mind I can’t have such thoughts, but it refuses to listen. Happens mostly when I am alone.. So you are not alone. And nothing will happen to Chirpy. Hugs.

  2. {{ Hugs Scribby}}
    Don’t worry dear, all will be fine. It happens with all of us and i can totally understand your fears.

    Sending loads of positive vibes, prayers and good wishes your way.

    Next time any of these bad thoughts try to plague your mind, intercept them with something you love without waiting. Dial up the number of someone you love and talk away, without mentioning these ugly thoughts. Let positive thoughts take control over your mind immediately.

  3. HUgs Scribby. I get those too.Then I force myself to form a happy thought and mentally cancel the effect. Tight hugs.

    Now the hormonmes are adding extra effect. Don’t worry.Tight hugs.

    Yei ugly thoughts… shoo shoo.. go away..shoo

  4. oh dear.. this happens to me when i watch the ‘ crime patrol’ episodes.. i cant be without watching as i want to know whats happening in the country, but after watching i am upset and scared about bunty.. dont worry nothing is gonna happen.. think positive and only good things will happen to us.

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