Don’t know what is love, but I’m sure I’m getting in it deeper…

Husby was away for 3 nights and 2 days on tour. It is on events like these I realize, every time, how much I want him in my life, all the time. That he is the love of my life! You know if you are really asked to respond to a question “what is love?”  I’m not sure if I know the ‘answer’ to it! But such days really tell me that my love for him is deeper than I can ever put in words. Love is something that makes you want to be with that person, care for that person and you always wish good for him/her. I think that’s love! That someone special, with whom you want to spend your life with, and when I say spend life it is not by days and dates, I mean by moments! Even if those are moments of weakness, fights or tribulations. I think spending all your moments with that person makes him/her an integral part of your life and that’s where love takes place. Husby, a person who is pure by heart, strict by principles and reserved by nature, is the closest person I have in my life today. We’ve been through so much in life together, 14 years is not a joke, is it! We have seen each other in our ugly times, our good times and our best times and we’ve stuck to each other till date. They say any marriage that lasts for 10 years is certainly going to run for a lifetime! And this year we’ve reached the 10th mark of our married life. Soon we will celebrate our 10th marriage anniversary, the official 10 years of togetherness. How soon the time flew. I don’t even want to look back, because I can gauge what we did all these years from the today that we have created for ourselves and it is wonderful. With all the ups and downs, it is very beautiful ! I’m an emotional person, to an extent that I can cry at the drop of an hat, and it is not about feeling close to someone, it is in the case of even watching movies or listening to someone else’s story or even reading stories. I can cry easily. But on the contrary, I’m a tough and practical person in my core. Now I can’t explain that, only I know that I’m this person! I’m whimsical, random and moody. But one thing is for sure, I’m good at heart. I can never wish anyone ill or I can’t hurt anyone and I feel proud of this particular characteristic of mine. But the randomness, the instability and the moody me, Husby has taken it all. He has given me that comfort of letting me be me, he brought stability in my life and he never tried to change me, whatsoever, he never told me to not do or do certain things. I think this is what is love for him? To love me the way I’m? To let me be the person I’ve been all this while? Well, anyway, this is not about what is love. I just wanted to record here, for my own sake, for reading in future, that how I miss him when he is not around. How much I realize the love is getting deeper by the year, how much he is needed in my life for everything! I can’t imagine a life without his companionship, his love and his whole being!


4 thoughts on “Don’t know what is love, but I’m sure I’m getting in it deeper…

  1. Happy 10th Scribby and many more ahead! 🙂 Hopefully ugly thoughts have warded off. I get all paranoid and worried on reading / watching videos on child predators too. I guess its normal as parents. The only challenge is that we have start yielding their freedom too in this big bad world. Treading the fine line!!

  2. A very Happy 10th Marriage anniversary to both of you in advance 🙂
    What a beautiful ‘Dil se’ post this is 🙂
    Wishing you both many-many happy years of togetherness.

  3. Happy 10th! We’re heading for our 13th and we’ve been together for 18 years so even though a lot of the time, we’re just annoying to each other, I understand what you mean! 🙂

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