I’m not Shy, I’m just Pregnant!

From so many other questions that are being asked normally, very frequently, I’ve one to ask myself. Is being pregnant a crime? Now, let me tell you more about this question and why it has arisen in my mind.

I’m talking about the time when  a woman starts showing. She is very much visibly pregnant, at this stage even if she feels shy or wants to hide it from the world, she cannot. So, at this stage, why people talk in hush hush tones about a lady being pregnant? It is a good news, a good deed, a phase to enjoy and celebrate, what’s there to hide or be shy about, I ask, especially when the woman herself is open about it!

I’m in my last trimester, and very well showing, of course, so much so that even little children notice that I’m roundly bloated 🙂 I’m not going crazy over this fact and not telling everyone that meet that “I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant” but I’m not shying away from saying a yes if someone’s coming and asking me. To my team and direct aligned colleagues, I announced on my own and that too very early.

So now it is very clearly obvious that I’m expecting. Recently, an employee came to me to talk about something. We spoke about the concerned issue and while going, she asked, coming slightly close to me and in a hush voice “are you pregnant?”. First I could not hear her properly, but I guessed what she was saying, and I asked her to repeat and she did, in the same manner, the same hush tone. To that I replied in a very normal, audible tone “Yes, I’m and there is nothing to hide about it 🙂 ” She felt so embarrassed on hearing my voice level, looked here and there and said “okay I’ll go!”

This was done by couple of more employees too, in last few days. I don’t get it, really. What’s there to feel shy of or embarrassed about or not talk normally about it? If you have guts to be curious about me being pregnant you  might as well have the guts to come and talk to me normally on that, no?

Secondly, I’m not trying to hide or shying away from this fact, then why are you? If there is anyone who would be trying to hide it, it should be me, not you, right? And when you can see I’m basking in the glory of being a second time pregnant woman and feeling proud of this fact, then there is no point in you to feel shy about it, period!

Pregnancy is a very private matter. Some are enthusiastic about and some are not. Some openly declare some feel it is not right. Whatsoever it is, it is very personal choice, right from getting pregnant to declaring it to the world. So if someone chooses to declare it, be it, what’s wrong in that and vice versa.

For me it is like being on top of world. I won’t go on telling everyone but if someone comes to know, I’ll not make a hue and cry about it. I believe everything happens for a reason. If people know, they know for a reason, and if you choose to not tell them, that is again for a reason, for sure.

All I’m saying is when it is visible, there is nothing to hide or feel odd about, especially to others!!!!!



7 thoughts on “I’m not Shy, I’m just Pregnant!

  1. Just enjoy your moment dear…(((super tight hugs)) to you !!
    I love it when expecting mothers bask in the glory of motherhood…muah :*
    Take care and hope my little darling is helping you a lot ❤

  2. Official congratulations 🙂

    And I agree, it’s so idiotic. At the other extreme is people who want to give you random advice. It’s such a normal condition and come on, with 1.3 billion people in this country it’s not as though we don’t know women get pregnant!

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